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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Woman in Black Review

Please note that I watched this movie back on October 4th and wrote the review he next day. However, I forgot I had not posted it! Sorry it is so late in the month!

This movie came out earlier in the year but I just got around to watching it. Seeing as it is October and time for scary movies and no sleep, my husband insisted we finally watch this. So I prepared myself with my blanket shield and prepared for The Woman in Black.

Now I do not intend on giving important parts of the movie away so I will only give some details. This movie has "that Harry Potter kid" Daniel Radcliffe as the 'Hero' or main character, which ever you prefer. Being American I will also say that horror movies with English accents tend to freak me out more. I believe movies that come from England are a bit more scary because they usually do not rely on blood, gore, and sexuality. They are just plain scary.

This movie was no exception to my believe. It is a nice clean movie and does not have any sexuality in it which I really like. As for all the graphics, I cannot say much because half way through I was hidden behind my blanket and Grant was describing the movie to me.

This movie is filmed very dark and lacking color which is a perfect set for a horror film. It takes place mostly in a home in a remote marshland and a small town. It clearly takes place may decades ago as the form of transportation around town seems to be horse and buggy. I found the house to be creepy, not only because thats how it is intended, because it sits in the marshland. Right in the the middle of this swampy area is a house on a rock basically. The swamp goes in and out so at some points the road is covered by water and gunk. Who chooses to live there? Seriously.

This is a classic ghost story and I, for one, believe in ghosts so I get freaked out. I am told by my husband, and I could hear, that there are many parts where the intensity builds up and then something spooky happens to make you jump. So be prepared! If you are easily startled, have a blanket ready!

The basic story is that children keep dying and it is because of the woman in black. I do not know about you, but horror movies with children are even more creepy. My husband is really creeped out by little girls in horror films and video games. Daniel Radcliffe has a little boy in this movie that he is raising with the help of a nanny since his wife passed away giving birth. Given the basic story line, you can piece together how this all comes together.

After I watched this I did feel it had some moments of "No one would ever do that? Why did he do that??". As my husband says, it's a movie and he has to do that for the story to progress.

I think I would watch this again. After all, once you have watched it once and know the ending it is not quite as scary. I just need to catch up on some sleep.

What did you think of the review? Would you watch the movie?

This is my first movie review, please let me know if you would like more. :)

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

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  1. I was disappointed in this movie, and my number one complaint would have to be that it was too dang dark. I *hate* when things are always dark and you can't see enough on the screen.

    I reviewed this one too, a while ago, and had to go back and look to see what I'd thought. It seemed like too much time telling too little of a story. I agree with you though about British movies being scarier because they don't rely so much on mindless gore shock value. And the accents just add an old world quality to the fright. hehe