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Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st Blogging!

Some of my decorating!
Yay! It is here! It is really finally here! October, the month that really kicks of my absolute favorite time of the year!

Let me first say I have not been feeling the greatest heath wise recently and some days it is hard to want to look at the computer. So I am not promising super consistent blogging right now. Once I have my second surgery (by the end of the year) I am hoping to be doing much better.

I actually went most of the day not realizing it was October. It was a forgetful day...I even forgot jury duty...That will be interesting. Anybody else ever missed jury duty? I was told I would have to wait for papers to be "served" then I get to go in front of a judge and tell him I forgot...then  get a fine. I'm a felon... I am trying not to be too bummed out. I am sure it happens and I will just pay the fine and not let it happen again. Fingers crossed the fine is not outrageous...

Well I tried to wait for today to decorate, but I ended up decorating on September 9th, the day before my birthday because I could wait no longer! So my house is very festive! Next year it will be even more festive since I am super excited to buy clearance Halloween decorations on November 1st! (assuming I am not broke from my criminal activity...)

The media display for Halloween
I plan on blogging this month about my DIYs that I have made in the past, new DIYs if I get to it, of course my wax meltings, and even possibly some movie reviews! Yes I said Movies! I am a HUGE horror movie fan! I insist on watching a scary movie every single day. I started to watch the "Cabin in the Woods" today but ended up getting called in early to work. So no movie yet today. My husband and I plan on watching it tomorrow and maybe something else too. You can bet on hearing about the Halloween series and the Nightmare on Elm Street Series. Those are my favorites. I have seen them many times, but it is never enough. They are sitting out with my spooky decorations waiting to be watched!

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Tell me what you love about October!

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

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  1. I told hubby I want to try and watch one scary or Halloweeny movie every night this month. Not sure if we'll manage to do it on days I work because I get home at 7pm and neither of us stay up late on weekdays anymore. And then yesterday, first day of this month-long event, I had such a crap day that I almost skipped the movie idea. In the end we kicked off the month with Charlie Brown - The Great Pumpkin . . . because it was short and quick. lol

    Looking forward to all your posts, assuming you're not locked up in the state pen. :P