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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fizzbutter Bath Time Haul!!!

An exciting package came today! I was awaiting this order for a couple months and it is finally here! My first FizzButter order! Now I did place a large order but I have a good reason! I had a $30 online visa gift card to use. I got it from being singed up for one of those survey companies. First off I would not recommend the survey thing because it took almost a year to get enough for a card. But after forever I had my card and I promised myself I could spend it on a treat for myself. FizzButter offers free shipping when you spend $39. Normally I would not spend the $39 just for free shipping on a company I have never tried, but in this case I only had to spend $9.09 of my own money, which sounded like a great deal to me!

For my $39.09 ($30 went on the gift card) I got 5 bath bombs, 5 bubble bars, and a massage soap. The bath bombs run $3.49, bubble bars $3.59, and the soap $3.69.

I had waited until the fall scents came out in hopes I could get a pumpkin something. I did! The bombs I got were Citrus Blast, Candy Cane, First Kiss, Pumpkin Latte, and Man Candy. Bubble bars were First Kiss, Man Candy, Lullaby (which does not look like the picture so I believe it was changed recently), Appletini Splash, and Calm Bomb. Finally the soap I picked out was the Buttercream Frosting scent. I wanted to try a bunch of different scents to get an idea if I like them.

The bath bombs are... HUGE! It is crazy how big they are. I plan on cutting them in half for sure. The bubble bars are regular size and very soft. I plan on using half a bubble bar a bath also.

Everything came super nicely packaged in a really big box with lots of packing peanuts so nothing was damaged. I actually had a hard time finding everything because the box was so full of foam pieces. All the items come nicely shrink wrapped and labeled.

I also wanted to say there customer service was great. Since I used 2 payment methods I had emailed to find out how we could do split payment and they got back to me almost instantly. Very fast and friendly.. When I called, the lady who helped me out was very  nice and the process went by very simple.

The only thing that bummed me out was that when I ordered there were no bubble bars int he fall scents and now there are. I did not ask so it is all my bad. If these are good I will need more...I know, shame on me lol.

I haven't smelled them all in depth really. So far I can say that Man Candy smells like smarties. Very sweet and I really like it. I hope that translates well into a bath. For now I have not used any but I will start enjoying my evening baths very soon. I take lots of baths in the fall and winter just to get warm and relax.

These still need some time to air out from each other but let me know if you would like to know how they worked when I use them. I plan on documenting it of course and I hope these work out great because the price is amazing!


  1. I've never even heard of this company, so I had to go snoop around their site. Sadly, I am not a bath lounger (quick showers for me) so I have no need for bubble bars or bath bombs. They always look so fun though! Maybe I should *make* time for a nice hot, leisurely bath.

    I you like these types of products, you should totally check out Petals Bath Boutique.


    1. I looked at them before when you had mentioned the They have such cute soaps and I loved that they had some LUSH dupes also :)