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Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Tulle Autumn Wreath

DIY Tulle Autumn Wreath

I saw a similar wreath to this on pinterest awhile ago and figured I would give it a go. You could use any mix of colors for a different holiday or just to match your home. I wanted to make oe for autumn.

Now the wreath I had seen was very large and used a foam wreath for the base. I wanted to keep this project as low cost as possible, so I made my own wreath form. I used the box from the fa we bought, 2 different sizes bowls, and a box cutting knife. I just placed the larger bowl on the box and traced it, then did the same for the smaller bowl in the middle of the larger circle. Then I roughly cut it out. I was not too concerned about making it perfect because I was just going to cover it with tulle.

I got all of my tulle form Joann's for about $4. I was $1.50 a yard. I just got an 1/8th of a yard in about 8 different colors That width was perfect for the size of wreath form I made, so I just needed to cut the tulle into strips. I cut the strips about an inch or so thick. I found the easiest way to do this was to scrunch up the tulle into a rope type shape and cut it. his made the cutting go by pretty fast.

Once all the pieces were cut, it was time for the hard part. Well, it was hard as much as it was just a long project. This part took a few hours. I did it all in one night while watching tv. My hands were so sore, so I do not recommend doing this all in one setting.

Just take your strips and begin tying them all around your wreath form. I didn't worry too much about which colors I was grabbing. The variation looks nice.

Like I said, this took a very long time. So while it is a cheap project, it is time consuming. I really like my finished project. It is nice and fluffy and reminds me of indian corn because of the colors. I am hoping to find some little decorative plastic indian corns on clearance after Thanksgiving to glue to it for next year. A good place to check might also be the dollar store If they are cheap enough I might do it now. It's all about being frugal!

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole


  1. So cool! I love the colors, and I'm also trying to picture this in Christmas colors. I might have to actually try this! How wide is the cardboard circle you made?


    1. Oh gosh maybe like 11 inches wide and the center was 7 or 8 inches. I do not have a ruler to check it lol. I need one of those ;)