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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cinnamon Bear Review from Scentsy

I have heard good things about this scent. When I first smelled it I knew I found a winner. this smells exactly like a cinnamon bear, no tricks or added notes trying to be fancy. Just a gummy little piece of sugar and spice!

I have been using the room spray in my car for awhile now. I do know the label says not to use in cars, so do not follow my example and spray it all up in your face and blind your self while you are driving, mmmkay!? I am careful with it and I usually spray it when I am leaving my car so when I get in it next time it is all yummy and smells like I am being hugged by the hotter gummy bear cousin. Tasty!

Now for this tart! I melted this in my Better Homes and Gardens pumpkin warmer in my living room. Even though i could tell this one would be strong I still used 2 cubes because I put it in before I went to work. That's right! So when I came home would I be greeted with visions of red bears or would I be bummed? I was excited to find out!

9 Hours later....the whole main part of my house smells like cinnamon bears! It lasted the entire day and welcomed me home! I love this bar so much!

If you like those little red cinnamon bears you must try this one. Amazing scent! Just like red hots.

Sound good!?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole


  1. That does sound yummy! I haven't tried it because I don't buy Scentsy.

    And that warmer is so cute and festive.


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