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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Autumn Stroll Review by Scentsy

Time for some toasty fall scents. I got this one last year and did not love it so I never used it. This year I vowed to use it! While I could not find this on my Scensty consultant's webpage, I did find many others who had this. This was a scent from last year and I am not sure it is included this year, but you can still find it so we are in luck!

I even managed to find the scent description "Amble under a bright harvest moon, leaves crunching underfoot, as peppery cinnamon mingles with dusky plum and warm wood incense to create a spicy and comforting fragrance." I love these scent descriptions from Scentsy so much sometimes. Let's "Amble" together and ponder this tart!

In cold throw I kept thinking this scent was familiar. I liked it. Kind of woodsy and manly. Not like cologne but warm and comforting. Also pretty strong. I could see why I never used this last year, but now it is time to melt it and see if I should have kept this at the bottom of the bin.

I melted this in my Betterhomes and Garden's full sized pumpkin warmer in my living room. This warmer gets kept in a box and only comes out for the fall! So cute, I had wanted this so badly that Grant searched high and low at Walmart the night before our wedding and found the last one. He had it given to me as a gift on the wedding day and I used it in my bride's room to make it smell like pumpkin goodness! The only thing I do not like is that it has that little stem in the middle so it is really hard to change out waxes. It gets hot and is hard to hold on to so that I can pour out the old wax, and the freezer method doesn't work too well with this one. But for how cute it is, I'll give it a break!

Enough about my pumpkin warmer. You want to know about the wax right!? Well I left this in the warmer for almost 4 whole days because I was too lazy to change it out. I burned it during the day and turned it off at night. This had a great scent throw that lasted the full time it was in my warmer. A great strong scent. I love strong scents. I wouldn't recommend this in a small room, but for my living room 2 cubes was perfect.

The scent...Oh that odd, slightly sweet, musky, warm, hard-to-describe scent. I loved it though! And then I realized I think Scensty was hiding something from us! it smells a lot like Bewitching! I loved that tar a ton when I burned it and was sad to be out of it. Then my friend Deb, the enabler from It's Always Something and I had a swap and she so generously included another Bewitching that she purchased for me when she placed an order. I was thrilled! And now Autumn Stroll! It is not exactly, but it is similar. I think there is patchouli in this!

Like I said I loved this bar and I am glad it is long lasting because I have a feeling this and my Bewitching from Deb are going to be my prized scents this year!

Have you smelled this? What about Bewitching?

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole


  1. Darn those enablers! :P

    I have not smelled this but that's funny-cool that it's close to Bewitching for you. You'll have to check eBay and order a backup stash (since you mentioned it's not available any more).

    I see a lot of warmers that I love but if they have that center piece in the dish I won't even consider it. Well, I have yet to buy an electric warmer but if I ever do . . . lol


  2. I am a Scentsy consultant and you can mix Scents. Maybe take a stronger scent and mix it with a complimentary lighter scent, creating your own unique scents. Like maybe mix the cinnamon with apple :) You can also cut your cubes smaller so you just have a touch of the scent. Just some ideas.

  3. autumn stroll is back in my clearance section so is caramel pear crisp
    check it out