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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All Hallow's Eve Review by Country Home Scents

All Hallows Eve by Country Home Scents

Spooky decorated tarts! I am so in the mood for Halloween! With all these festive scents filling my house I am at the verge of declaring the whole year to be Autumn! But then again...if it happens all the time it is not as special. And my husband really loves winter. So I guess I will settle for a few months a year.

This little tart is purple and decorated with orange, purple, and black sprinkles, white ghosts, and tons of black glitter. So busy and fun for the season! Too bad I had to melt it down to a puddle of murkey purple.

The CHS website describes the scent as "The perfect aroma of spicy mulled grapefruit with a mix of cinnamon leaf, soft musk and sweet vanilla! A spooky scent you must try!"

Smelling this was unmelted, I smell great smells. I love it. Do I smell cinnamon? YES! Of course I smell tons of cinnamon. Now for the true test, do I smell other things? I think so! Do I know what they are? Of course not! I am getting a sweet, probably the vanilla but it is not noticeably vanilla. I get the absolute slightest touch of citrus  or am I imagining it? I really like the musk in this. It is just enough to not overload you with cinnamon or mush. Such a nice balance.

I melted this tart in my bathroom plug-in Scentsationals warmer. I usually use only half of a CHS in my bathroom but today I just felt like putting in the whole thing, which is fine because they fit perfectly. After letting this melt completely I had forgotten it was in my bathroom and I walked in to a very pleasant surprise! Such a welcoming sweet fruity scent! I can smell the grapefruit but it is not bitter at all. Yet this scent is not over powering. I think it is perfect for Halloween because I get a light note of candy. Almost like smarties. A soft, sweet, lightly kissed with vanilla confection. Cinnamon? What cinnamon? Perfect!

I fell in love with this wax the second I smelled it all melted. I know I will get more of these! It filled the bathroom. I think I could have done half and saved the other half. Oh well! That just means I will have to get another one with my next purchase. I think I would melt this anytime of the year, but I do get why it is a Halloween scent. Must grab!

What are your favorite scents for Halloween?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole


  1. Just found your blog & am LOVING the reviews! So so helpful :) Being a wax addict myself =p I have a surplus of wax that I am attempting to "destash", as they say... let me know if you're interested & I'd be happy to send you the list - lots of vendors (most of which you may have already tried, but who knows!) Looking forward to reading more great posts!

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) I have surgery coming up so I do not know how consistent the posts will be especially with the holidays and I work about 50+ hours a week. But I will try to keep the momentum :) I would love to know who all you have tried. I am always interested in new ones. Take care!

  2. I don't think I had this in my most recent order. *tries to remember* I think I had this one maybe last year and didn't like it. I think it was the grapefruit that threw it off for me. Your description sounds good though. I wonder how I'd like it if I tried it again.