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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Autumn Stroll Review by Scentsy

Time for some toasty fall scents. I got this one last year and did not love it so I never used it. This year I vowed to use it! While I could not find this on my Scensty consultant's webpage, I did find many others who had this. This was a scent from last year and I am not sure it is included this year, but you can still find it so we are in luck!

I even managed to find the scent description "Amble under a bright harvest moon, leaves crunching underfoot, as peppery cinnamon mingles with dusky plum and warm wood incense to create a spicy and comforting fragrance." I love these scent descriptions from Scentsy so much sometimes. Let's "Amble" together and ponder this tart!

In cold throw I kept thinking this scent was familiar. I liked it. Kind of woodsy and manly. Not like cologne but warm and comforting. Also pretty strong. I could see why I never used this last year, but now it is time to melt it and see if I should have kept this at the bottom of the bin.

I melted this in my Betterhomes and Garden's full sized pumpkin warmer in my living room. This warmer gets kept in a box and only comes out for the fall! So cute, I had wanted this so badly that Grant searched high and low at Walmart the night before our wedding and found the last one. He had it given to me as a gift on the wedding day and I used it in my bride's room to make it smell like pumpkin goodness! The only thing I do not like is that it has that little stem in the middle so it is really hard to change out waxes. It gets hot and is hard to hold on to so that I can pour out the old wax, and the freezer method doesn't work too well with this one. But for how cute it is, I'll give it a break!

Enough about my pumpkin warmer. You want to know about the wax right!? Well I left this in the warmer for almost 4 whole days because I was too lazy to change it out. I burned it during the day and turned it off at night. This had a great scent throw that lasted the full time it was in my warmer. A great strong scent. I love strong scents. I wouldn't recommend this in a small room, but for my living room 2 cubes was perfect.

The scent...Oh that odd, slightly sweet, musky, warm, hard-to-describe scent. I loved it though! And then I realized I think Scensty was hiding something from us! it smells a lot like Bewitching! I loved that tar a ton when I burned it and was sad to be out of it. Then my friend Deb, the enabler from It's Always Something and I had a swap and she so generously included another Bewitching that she purchased for me when she placed an order. I was thrilled! And now Autumn Stroll! It is not exactly, but it is similar. I think there is patchouli in this!

Like I said I loved this bar and I am glad it is long lasting because I have a feeling this and my Bewitching from Deb are going to be my prized scents this year!

Have you smelled this? What about Bewitching?

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All Hallow's Eve Review by Country Home Scents

All Hallows Eve by Country Home Scents

Spooky decorated tarts! I am so in the mood for Halloween! With all these festive scents filling my house I am at the verge of declaring the whole year to be Autumn! But then again...if it happens all the time it is not as special. And my husband really loves winter. So I guess I will settle for a few months a year.

This little tart is purple and decorated with orange, purple, and black sprinkles, white ghosts, and tons of black glitter. So busy and fun for the season! Too bad I had to melt it down to a puddle of murkey purple.

The CHS website describes the scent as "The perfect aroma of spicy mulled grapefruit with a mix of cinnamon leaf, soft musk and sweet vanilla! A spooky scent you must try!"

Smelling this was unmelted, I smell great smells. I love it. Do I smell cinnamon? YES! Of course I smell tons of cinnamon. Now for the true test, do I smell other things? I think so! Do I know what they are? Of course not! I am getting a sweet, probably the vanilla but it is not noticeably vanilla. I get the absolute slightest touch of citrus  or am I imagining it? I really like the musk in this. It is just enough to not overload you with cinnamon or mush. Such a nice balance.

I melted this tart in my bathroom plug-in Scentsationals warmer. I usually use only half of a CHS in my bathroom but today I just felt like putting in the whole thing, which is fine because they fit perfectly. After letting this melt completely I had forgotten it was in my bathroom and I walked in to a very pleasant surprise! Such a welcoming sweet fruity scent! I can smell the grapefruit but it is not bitter at all. Yet this scent is not over powering. I think it is perfect for Halloween because I get a light note of candy. Almost like smarties. A soft, sweet, lightly kissed with vanilla confection. Cinnamon? What cinnamon? Perfect!

I fell in love with this wax the second I smelled it all melted. I know I will get more of these! It filled the bathroom. I think I could have done half and saved the other half. Oh well! That just means I will have to get another one with my next purchase. I think I would melt this anytime of the year, but I do get why it is a Halloween scent. Must grab!

What are your favorite scents for Halloween?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Caramel Apple Review by Country Home Scents

Caramel Apple Review by Country Home Scents

Would you take a look at this tart!? Clearly they are packed with tons of oils because mine is all oily and messy! That's a good thing though, don't get me wrong. I want my waxes all oily and delicious just like I want my men! ;) Just playing around, couldn't resist! Of course an greasy and messy man could be a bad thing. Skip the man, get the wax tarts.

"Caramel Apple...Yummy! Imagine the smell of a crisp, green apples dipped in gooey warm caramel. A wonderful Autumn fragrance!"

As always this little tart is decorated with glitter and other excitement. So cute, I almost wanted to put a stick in it! When I smelled this cold I knew it smelled exactly like what I wanted. i get nice green apples and sweet gooey caramel. My only problem with apple scents is they are fake scents. Of course you cannot stuff an apple into the tart, i just kind of wish I could get a tart that smelled like when you bite into a big juicy apple. Still, a good yummy scent.

I melted half of this in the bathroom ad it did wonderful. Filled the room but wasn't so strong that is escaped into the hallway and bedroom. I think if you used the full tart you would want to use it in a medium room. while it might slightly scent a large room, I love strong scents that give what I can a "greeting' when you walk into the room. This is not quite strong enough to fill my living room, but it worked great in the bathroom. Very yummy!

Are there any true to life apple scents out there!?

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Woman in Black Review

Please note that I watched this movie back on October 4th and wrote the review he next day. However, I forgot I had not posted it! Sorry it is so late in the month!

This movie came out earlier in the year but I just got around to watching it. Seeing as it is October and time for scary movies and no sleep, my husband insisted we finally watch this. So I prepared myself with my blanket shield and prepared for The Woman in Black.

Now I do not intend on giving important parts of the movie away so I will only give some details. This movie has "that Harry Potter kid" Daniel Radcliffe as the 'Hero' or main character, which ever you prefer. Being American I will also say that horror movies with English accents tend to freak me out more. I believe movies that come from England are a bit more scary because they usually do not rely on blood, gore, and sexuality. They are just plain scary.

This movie was no exception to my believe. It is a nice clean movie and does not have any sexuality in it which I really like. As for all the graphics, I cannot say much because half way through I was hidden behind my blanket and Grant was describing the movie to me.

This movie is filmed very dark and lacking color which is a perfect set for a horror film. It takes place mostly in a home in a remote marshland and a small town. It clearly takes place may decades ago as the form of transportation around town seems to be horse and buggy. I found the house to be creepy, not only because thats how it is intended, because it sits in the marshland. Right in the the middle of this swampy area is a house on a rock basically. The swamp goes in and out so at some points the road is covered by water and gunk. Who chooses to live there? Seriously.

This is a classic ghost story and I, for one, believe in ghosts so I get freaked out. I am told by my husband, and I could hear, that there are many parts where the intensity builds up and then something spooky happens to make you jump. So be prepared! If you are easily startled, have a blanket ready!

The basic story is that children keep dying and it is because of the woman in black. I do not know about you, but horror movies with children are even more creepy. My husband is really creeped out by little girls in horror films and video games. Daniel Radcliffe has a little boy in this movie that he is raising with the help of a nanny since his wife passed away giving birth. Given the basic story line, you can piece together how this all comes together.

After I watched this I did feel it had some moments of "No one would ever do that? Why did he do that??". As my husband says, it's a movie and he has to do that for the story to progress.

I think I would watch this again. After all, once you have watched it once and know the ending it is not quite as scary. I just need to catch up on some sleep.

What did you think of the review? Would you watch the movie?

This is my first movie review, please let me know if you would like more. :)

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wax Bar Size Comparison of Scentsy, PartyLite, and Better Homes and Gardens

I finally got my hands on a PartyLite wax bar! There was a vendor at the October Fair they had in the next town over. Now I have seen postings about these but I kept thinking they looked small. I do not know why, just to me in the pictures they seemed small.  So when I saw they were nice and big I bought one. The lady was having a special on them also so instead of $5 I only paid $4. I picked out one and brought it home to do a comparison of the sizes. This is not a comparison of the quality as I have not tried it yet. And please, I am not trying to compare Scensty vs Partylite. I could care less if people think they are rivals. I like wax. End of story. :)

Now to begin! This is really fun for me so excuse my overwhelming excitement as I type this!

A Better Homes and Gardens bar can be bought at Walmart. They are 3.2 ounces and have 6 cubes in them. This makes each cube just over 16 grams each. At $2 a bar they are roughly $0.33 a cube.

A Scentsy Bar can be bought from a consultant. I prefer to buy them from a party or a vendor booth as an event to stay away from paying shipping on them. They also contain 3.2 fluid ounces but these bars are divided into 8 cubes. this makes each cube just over 12 grams. One of these bars will cost you $5, making each cube about $0.63.

The PartyLite bars also need to be purchased through a consultant and the ordering process is similar to Scentsy. While the packaging looks much bigger and bulkier, this bar is also just 3.2 fluid ounces. Each bar has 9 cubes in it, which means each cube is a little less than 11 grams. These cost $5 also, so each cube costs about $0.55.

So that is the whole mathematical break down of these 3 types of bars. Many other places carry bars that are similar in shape to the BHG as it is probably the most popular clam shell design. All 3 have the same amount of wax so if you are looking for the best price, go with BHG or Scentsationals which  you can also buy at Walmart. I will not say that by paying $5 for the other bars you are getting better quality because I really believe all waxes can have duds. It is just a matter of the scents that are available vs. what you are looking to buy.

Have you tried PartyLite? I am excited to try my first one!

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cinnamon Bear Review from Scentsy

I have heard good things about this scent. When I first smelled it I knew I found a winner. this smells exactly like a cinnamon bear, no tricks or added notes trying to be fancy. Just a gummy little piece of sugar and spice!

I have been using the room spray in my car for awhile now. I do know the label says not to use in cars, so do not follow my example and spray it all up in your face and blind your self while you are driving, mmmkay!? I am careful with it and I usually spray it when I am leaving my car so when I get in it next time it is all yummy and smells like I am being hugged by the hotter gummy bear cousin. Tasty!

Now for this tart! I melted this in my Better Homes and Gardens pumpkin warmer in my living room. Even though i could tell this one would be strong I still used 2 cubes because I put it in before I went to work. That's right! So when I came home would I be greeted with visions of red bears or would I be bummed? I was excited to find out!

9 Hours later....the whole main part of my house smells like cinnamon bears! It lasted the entire day and welcomed me home! I love this bar so much!

If you like those little red cinnamon bears you must try this one. Amazing scent! Just like red hots.

Sound good!?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Pumpkin Beans Tart Review from Shayz Scentz

Pumpkin Beans by Shayz Scentz

This is my first experience with Shayz Scentz. I had heard of them but never paid much attention. This tar was given to me by Deb in a swap we did. I love when I see something I have never tried. Thanks Deb!

I could not find a scent description on this anywhere, not event the site so I assume they do not carry it anymore. Judging by the name I am guess this is supposed to smell like pumpkin and coffee beans or vanilla beans. Not sure which beans! In cold throw however, I only really get cinnamon and then like a funky smell. Basically a cinnamon clove scent and it is not really even that strong. Bummer.

Well I melted this in my bedroom warmer. After about 30 minutes it was nice and melted but I was not getting much of a scent. Very slight cinnamon clove and close to the warmer I was getting that funk smell I cannot describe.

Since this is my first tart from this vendor I was a bit bummed out. Have you tried Shayz Scentz? How did it work out for you? If you have any favorites from this vendor let me know.

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY Wooden Pumpkins

Do It Yourself Wooden Pumpkins

I made these pumpkins last year in desperate need of more decorations for the wedding, and wanting to start my own autumn decoration collection. I have no idea what to do but I figured wood is cheap ad we had wood glue, add a little paint and...TA DA! Pumpkins!

Sorry I do not have actual pictures of the process since I did this last year. They are pretty simple and self explanatory however, I made some high tech examples using paint. Let me know if you have any questions.

We started by going to Home Depot and getting 1x4s. I love that you can have them cut the boards into the sizes you want! For each pumpkin you will need either 4 or 3 pieces. If you do a taller pumpkin (4 pieces) then you will need 2 pieces of X length and the other 2 pieces X 2inches. An example would be 2 8inch and 2 10inch pieces. For a 3 piece pumpkin you would only need 1 X piece and then 2 X+2 inches. You can do them any size you would like. I liked the look of the two sizes being about 2 inches different.

Okay that was too mathematical for my liking. I need to unwind. Next I got paint. Simple enough. I just bought a few tubes of acrylic paint from our dollar store. I got 2 orange for the pumpkins, and a green for the stems. You could get creative and make green, yellow, white, red, etc pumpkins and mix up the stems. I just kept it simple. I am considering a few goldenrod pumpkins for this year, we will see where it takes me!

For the stems I just had my dad cut up an old broom handle into small pieces. I painted them with the green and let them dry.

An example of the pieces drying on the table
For the pumpkin part I only glued 2 pieces at a time. I stacked them on top of each other so that the pressure would hold them, then I let them sit and dry. After that was dry, I them glued those pieces together. I stacked them upright again, but slightly against a wall. Be careful not to get wood glue on your walls!

Once the bare pumpkins were dry I painted them. Then I glued the stem to the top and finally I finished the look with some craft straw tied around the stems.

You could always paint jack-o-lantern faces on one side to make them Halloween and Autumn decorations. Just flip them over. I had wanted to put our initials on them and as out family grows, add an initial to each one. I did not get around to it last year.  Right now it is only me and Grant. Maybe when we have that first little one.

I made 6 of these all together, all in different sizes. When I pulled them out again this year I just knew I had to share them. They are pretty simple and inexpensive to made, plus they are durable. Decorations that last for years, you cannot pass that up! These are going to be a favorite of mine every year. They will always remind me of fall decorating our first place on our own.

Side note: I had some scrap pieces so I threw together these tall pumpkins. They aren't the prettiest  but I love how they fit in with my whole wooden pumpkin theme.

What are your favorite fall decorations?

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marshmallow Candy Corn Fluff Review from Country Home Scent

Marshmallow Candy Corn Fluff....What a scrumptious Halloween blend! Our sweet creamy candy corn mixed with marshmallow fluff...you can't get any more yummy than this! Heavenly!!!

I would love for you to just imagine this scent with me. If your mouth watering? Mine was so I got it! Then I smelled this little morsel and almost took a bite! Really its good. Reminds me of a tub of Duncan Hines or Pillsbury white frosting with notes of butter and corn syrup candies! Very delicious smelling and I have no idea why I waited so long to use it! A candy melting I will go! Yum!

I melted half of this in my bathroom warmer. I was not sure if it would be a strong scent or light and fluffy so I wanted to make sure I would get to smell it. Small area seemed like the best bet.

The smell was nice and strong for about the first hour. By the end of the day I had noticed it faded quite a bit. The warm throw smells like vanilla and almost has like a caramel note to it. Dare I say this more yummy in the cold throw? I was a bit bummed by the melted product and disappointed that it wore out so fast.

I really wanted to love this one but unfortunately it let me down a bit. I still keep smelling the other half I have not melted and wishing I could fill an entire room with that sweet scent. They really had the makings for a delicious treat here. 

I do think that possibly this tart did not have quite as much oil in it as there other tarts. They are usually greasy feeling and very easy to cut through. This one was a bit more dry and more like a candle wax when I cut into it. 

Have you tried it?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Candied Caramel Apple Review by Better Homes and Gardens

Candied Caramel Apple Review by Better Homes and Gardens

I do not have a picture of this packaging because I was scent a couple cubes from Deb, but you can check out what it looks like and her opinion of it HERE.

There is no scent description but I think the name pretty much says it all. When i first sniffed this I was a bit put off. It needed time to sit out I believe. Once it aired out I knew I had a strong wax on my hands because the scent was still pretty strong. I smell red delicious apples and a bit of caramel. Plus I think i smell nuts! It is nice, although I feel the apple might be too much. I always find it strange when I think a scent is too strong because I love strong scents.

I used one cube of this in my plug-in Scensationals warmer in my bathroom. What a scent! I couldn't keep it contained. This was one that floated throughout the entire house, covering up my other scents. Darn thing! The apple was very prominent and while this was melting I didn't get much of anything else. Hint and sweet here and there, but mostly a big apple in the face.

I should have liked this more. I like apple scents and I love strong scents but I have no idea whta my problem is. Maybe I like green apple scents a bt more than red. Or maybe I was mad at this tart for covering up my other scents. Who knows! It's not a bad tart. It's a show off! If you want a room filler, here she be!  Maybe half a cube next time?

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fizzbutter Bath Time Haul!!!

An exciting package came today! I was awaiting this order for a couple months and it is finally here! My first FizzButter order! Now I did place a large order but I have a good reason! I had a $30 online visa gift card to use. I got it from being singed up for one of those survey companies. First off I would not recommend the survey thing because it took almost a year to get enough for a card. But after forever I had my card and I promised myself I could spend it on a treat for myself. FizzButter offers free shipping when you spend $39. Normally I would not spend the $39 just for free shipping on a company I have never tried, but in this case I only had to spend $9.09 of my own money, which sounded like a great deal to me!

For my $39.09 ($30 went on the gift card) I got 5 bath bombs, 5 bubble bars, and a massage soap. The bath bombs run $3.49, bubble bars $3.59, and the soap $3.69.

I had waited until the fall scents came out in hopes I could get a pumpkin something. I did! The bombs I got were Citrus Blast, Candy Cane, First Kiss, Pumpkin Latte, and Man Candy. Bubble bars were First Kiss, Man Candy, Lullaby (which does not look like the picture so I believe it was changed recently), Appletini Splash, and Calm Bomb. Finally the soap I picked out was the Buttercream Frosting scent. I wanted to try a bunch of different scents to get an idea if I like them.

The bath bombs are... HUGE! It is crazy how big they are. I plan on cutting them in half for sure. The bubble bars are regular size and very soft. I plan on using half a bubble bar a bath also.

Everything came super nicely packaged in a really big box with lots of packing peanuts so nothing was damaged. I actually had a hard time finding everything because the box was so full of foam pieces. All the items come nicely shrink wrapped and labeled.

I also wanted to say there customer service was great. Since I used 2 payment methods I had emailed to find out how we could do split payment and they got back to me almost instantly. Very fast and friendly.. When I called, the lady who helped me out was very  nice and the process went by very simple.

The only thing that bummed me out was that when I ordered there were no bubble bars int he fall scents and now there are. I did not ask so it is all my bad. If these are good I will need more...I know, shame on me lol.

I haven't smelled them all in depth really. So far I can say that Man Candy smells like smarties. Very sweet and I really like it. I hope that translates well into a bath. For now I have not used any but I will start enjoying my evening baths very soon. I take lots of baths in the fall and winter just to get warm and relax.

These still need some time to air out from each other but let me know if you would like to know how they worked when I use them. I plan on documenting it of course and I hope these work out great because the price is amazing!

Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Tulle Autumn Wreath

DIY Tulle Autumn Wreath

I saw a similar wreath to this on pinterest awhile ago and figured I would give it a go. You could use any mix of colors for a different holiday or just to match your home. I wanted to make oe for autumn.

Now the wreath I had seen was very large and used a foam wreath for the base. I wanted to keep this project as low cost as possible, so I made my own wreath form. I used the box from the fa we bought, 2 different sizes bowls, and a box cutting knife. I just placed the larger bowl on the box and traced it, then did the same for the smaller bowl in the middle of the larger circle. Then I roughly cut it out. I was not too concerned about making it perfect because I was just going to cover it with tulle.

I got all of my tulle form Joann's for about $4. I was $1.50 a yard. I just got an 1/8th of a yard in about 8 different colors That width was perfect for the size of wreath form I made, so I just needed to cut the tulle into strips. I cut the strips about an inch or so thick. I found the easiest way to do this was to scrunch up the tulle into a rope type shape and cut it. his made the cutting go by pretty fast.

Once all the pieces were cut, it was time for the hard part. Well, it was hard as much as it was just a long project. This part took a few hours. I did it all in one night while watching tv. My hands were so sore, so I do not recommend doing this all in one setting.

Just take your strips and begin tying them all around your wreath form. I didn't worry too much about which colors I was grabbing. The variation looks nice.

Like I said, this took a very long time. So while it is a cheap project, it is time consuming. I really like my finished project. It is nice and fluffy and reminds me of indian corn because of the colors. I am hoping to find some little decorative plastic indian corns on clearance after Thanksgiving to glue to it for next year. A good place to check might also be the dollar store If they are cheap enough I might do it now. It's all about being frugal!

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Caramel Pear Crisp Review by Scentsy

I had a big moment of weakness last month and placed an order all because of one single bar. This bar. I had not smelled it previously, but I had been told that this was like a fall version of Jumpin' Jellybean from Scentsy. I LOVE Jumpin' Jellybean! It smells like starburst fruit chews if you have never smelled it. It is supposed to be pear, but I get a yummy sweet juicy smell that I cannot resist from it. My husband loves it also. So I had to try this one out right? It's legitimate. Plus it was the scent of the month, so it was 10% off which I used to help condone my wax obsession.

"Perfectly ripe pear and juicy nectarine blanketed in a brown sugar crust and topped with a dollop of warm caramel cream" Mmmmmm my mouth watered waiting for this bar. Here she is! What do I smell??? Jumpin' Jellybean!! Heck yes! Albeit, it is not just Jumpin' Jellybean, the exactly juicy pear scent is clearly mixed in there along with a slight bakery note and a buttery note. Very sweet and tasty smelling. Exactly what I was hoping for!

I melted this in my bedroom warmer. I started with one cube the first day and then added a second cube the second day to give it a kick. This is very similar to Jumpin' Jellybean in that it wears down a little fast for my liking. This is not the most long lasting scent, but for the first few hours it gives a great greeting. After that I am not completely sure if I just get too adjusted to it or what, but it never seems as strong the next day. That is why I added the second cube which is the same method I use with Jumpin' Jellybean. The scent is so nice and buttery. I get the sweetness of the caramel and the juicy pear with warm bread crumbles too.

I really love/hate this bar. Like I said, it doesn't last as long as others, but this scent is just so yummy and I was thrilled to have a fall Jumpin' Jellybean to burn. So, if you have tried (I'll say it one last time) Jumpin' Jellybean and liked it, give this a try! Let me know if you have bettere luck getting a decent scent throw from it.

Have you tried either tart?

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Zombie Punch Review by Starlight Chandling

A tart from my recent Starlight Chandling order. These tarts are super great priced and last time I ordered I figured I better get some Halloween scents.

I got this tart knowing it would smell like a soap i had purchased recently. the zombie punch scent is delicious and fruity. Not exactly Halloween, but I get burnt out on cinnamon pretty fast. This is not a custom blend, just a simple scent you can find from many vendors.

"A sassy, citrus blend of lemon, lime and orange juice, apricot and papaya nectars, and garnished with fresh pineapple slices."

In this tart I was getting a pretty light scent that I hoped would blossom more as I melted this tart. I burned it in my living room in my pumpkin warmer from Better Homes and Gardens. Unfortunately I did not get much of a scent at all. I felt like there was not enough oil in this one. the little soap I had actually packed more of a punch than this tart. I could have tried this is a smaller area, but I feel the result would have been the same. It is a great scent, I just did not get a scent throw from it.

Sometimes waxes are hits and misses. Until next time!

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st Blogging!

Some of my decorating!
Yay! It is here! It is really finally here! October, the month that really kicks of my absolute favorite time of the year!

Let me first say I have not been feeling the greatest heath wise recently and some days it is hard to want to look at the computer. So I am not promising super consistent blogging right now. Once I have my second surgery (by the end of the year) I am hoping to be doing much better.

I actually went most of the day not realizing it was October. It was a forgetful day...I even forgot jury duty...That will be interesting. Anybody else ever missed jury duty? I was told I would have to wait for papers to be "served" then I get to go in front of a judge and tell him I forgot...then  get a fine. I'm a felon... I am trying not to be too bummed out. I am sure it happens and I will just pay the fine and not let it happen again. Fingers crossed the fine is not outrageous...

Well I tried to wait for today to decorate, but I ended up decorating on September 9th, the day before my birthday because I could wait no longer! So my house is very festive! Next year it will be even more festive since I am super excited to buy clearance Halloween decorations on November 1st! (assuming I am not broke from my criminal activity...)

The media display for Halloween
I plan on blogging this month about my DIYs that I have made in the past, new DIYs if I get to it, of course my wax meltings, and even possibly some movie reviews! Yes I said Movies! I am a HUGE horror movie fan! I insist on watching a scary movie every single day. I started to watch the "Cabin in the Woods" today but ended up getting called in early to work. So no movie yet today. My husband and I plan on watching it tomorrow and maybe something else too. You can bet on hearing about the Halloween series and the Nightmare on Elm Street Series. Those are my favorites. I have seen them many times, but it is never enough. They are sitting out with my spooky decorations waiting to be watched!

Subscribe if you want to keep up with all of the fun!

Tell me what you love about October!

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole