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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trick or Treat Melt Review by Country Home Scents

Wednesday Wax Reviews!

Trick or Treat by Country Home Scents

Happy Wednesday! My favorite time of the year is approaching! Autumn! And of course, it all begins with Halloween decorations! I am just goig to dive right in and start with my halloween waxes I have to melt. This one comes from Country Home Scents.

Trick or Treat is described as "a blend of pumpkin and apple; ending with a touch of orange, cinnamon and vanilla! Definitely a treat not a trick!" on the CHS website. It is a black, soft wax with loadsoforange and black crystal candies and glitter on top.
 In cold through I must say I was disappoited. I usually am with scents that contain cinnamon. It is a nice smell, but cinnamon is such a strong scent that it over powers most others with it. That is exactly the vibe I got from this little tart. Cinnamon with a touch of fruit. I cannot really say I gathered orange, pumpkin, or apple. I just got a slight sweetness. Also, amazingly, I did not gather any vanilla from this. Vanilla is another one of those smells that sticks to your nose when sniffing.

I burned this one in my small plug-in scensationals warmer in my bathroom. I figured since the room was small and this was a medium scent, half would be enough. I love cutting these CHS tarts in half because they are so soft so you do not have to worry about suddenly slaming through a hard block. I got a nice smell from this one. I could smell a spicy blend of apple and orange. Lot of cinnamon, but not terrible like I was expecting.

This was a nice wax melt. Smelled great in my bathroom and filled the room. It is a pretty common scent though. This would not be one of my favorites but I cannot say I didn't like it. I do not think the one whole  tart could fill a big room but it would be great in a bedroom I am sure.

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

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  1. I had this one a long time ago and according to my notes that I scribbled at the time, I did not like it at all. However, some time after that I had a tart called Trick Or Treat from another vendor and apparently loved it. I don't know if they were the same scent though.

    Go figure, ha.