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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Starlight Chandling Wax Melt Haul from Etsy

Here I go again with the wax. This blogging has really peaked my wax loving soul and helped me to discover new vendors. Here is one I learned about through Deb. Thanks again ;) 

The vendor is called Starlight Chandling and they are based on Etsy. She says she has been making candles for 10 years now and she is new Etsy. Infact so far the only feedback (as of when I am writing this) is from Deb and I. So very new. We will not hold that against her, everyone starts somewhere. 

When I first ordered she only had a few scents. Currently she has a TON more and I might just have to try some more out! I decided to go with 6 when I ordered. The great thing was how nice she was. She sells votives also and I saw a couple in scents I wanted in was tarts. I contacted her and she promptly made me a custom listing for the scent tarts I had asked for. These tarts are listed at a great price, especially if you really stock up because each additional item ships free after the initial $5.35. 

It did take 4 days for her to ship my item out. She did not have a TAT listed on her listings so I was antsy about that. But once they were in the mail they came pretty fast considering the holiday weekend. 

The 6 tarts I ordered were
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Sugar Corn Pudding
Marshmallow Ambrosia
Angel Heart
Salty Sea Air
Falling Leaves

She also included 3 freebies which was exciting! Freebies always are!

Oatmeal Scotchies
Raspberry Macaroon
German Chocolate Cake

So far off of just cold scent I am liking these a lot. They have nice scent, especially the raspberry macaroon. A couple I am confused about, but waxes are hit and miss and I will wait to judge when I start melting.

Any of these you would like to hear about first? 


Jordan Nicole


  1. Oatmeal Scotchies or Falling Leaves first, please. :) I have Falling Leaves but have not melted it yet.

    I've been impressed with the scents and throw so far on mine. I'm waiting for my second order to come in. The one thing I'm not liking (and it's minor) is that she doesn't mention anywhere if these are poured fresh when ordered. I've had to wait several days both times just for them to be placed in the mail. If we were told upfront 'I'll be pouring these tomorrow and shipping them the day after' or something like that, it would be helpful.


    1. See that was about my only issue also lol. I waited 4 weekdays for her to ship mine. That seems like so long. It would be really helpful if she had a TAT on the listings.

    2. She contacted me and explained that yes, she does pour things fresh when ordered, and that this is all stated in her policy section. Guess we should have checked there, huh? hehe

      Anxious to get my second order because it has plain ol' apple-cinnamon scent in it, and I really want to melt those in these early days of fall. :)


    3. Lol I made s econd order too. She had too many things i "needed" hahaha. Anyways this time she messaged me and told me when she would pour them and when I should expect them. She has such great customer service. She is surely becoming my favorite seller.