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Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1st Blogging!

Happy September!

We are finally nearing the end of summer and rearing into my FAVORITE time of the year! Seriously, I live for autumn. Chilled air, the smell of burning leaves, pumpkin patches, hay rides, apple/cinnamon/pumpkin scents in the scent warmers, the decorations come out, loads of sweets, watching my favorite horror movies over and over, and it all begins with my birthday! That is right! My birthday is September 10th! Now, I know that the official first day of fall is the 22nd this year. 12 days early is a great time to start celebrating, don't you think!? Never mind, let's start NOW!

Last year was a blast! Grant and I visited the old state pennnetentiary for a night time spooky event where we toured the old prison that once held some very dark and twisted inmates. I have gone and toured many times during the day, but let me tell you! The night time was incredible! Dark and scary and they had activities! I hope we get to go again this year!
Our First Dance

We also took a few trips to our local pumpkin patch like we always do. Last year we had to make extra trips to stock up on wedding supplies! Oh yeah, did I mention we got married last Novemeber!? 11-11-11 and it was a full on pumpkin and autumn themed occasion. It was beautiful! So this year will be 1 whole year of marriage and just 2 weeks after our wedding anniversary marks 6 years together. SIX YEARS!

6 years ago

Of course you have Halloween and Thanksgiving! We love to stock up on candy the day after Halloween when it goes half price. I also buy decorations the day after Halloween and Thanksgiving at super cheap prices. Somethings are even worth waiting for because stores mark them down weekly, or even daily, and you can get things for up to 90% off! STEALS! The funnest part about this is that I forget what I bought the year before because I buy it and put it in my autumn storage totes and try my best to forget about it until the next year. Then when I open it, surprises of plenty await!
I also made some great decorations last year that I am excited to pull out, take pictures, and share! DIY is always the best because it is usually cheaper, more personalized, and makes you feel a bit more accomplised and in the spirit. In fact, I have already made some this year! Did you get to see my adorable crochet candy corns!?

I also have tons of autumn and Halloween themed waxes I am burning and melting and sniffing and loving that I cannot wait to start telling you about on Wednesdays! There are actually so many, I might have to share 2 at a time! YES! Bonus waxes!

So finally here we are, September! I am excited to start sharing all my Autumn festivities and loves with you! What do you love about this time of year?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole


  1. I also LOVE fall. Your wedding sounds awesome. I'd love to see some pics if you'd like to share. A coworker's son had a fall wedding a few years ago and I just loved the colors of the dresses and in the bouquets.

    I realized I don't have any early fall decorations. Mine are all either Halloween or Thanksgiving, later fall. I need some stuff with apples, things for early fall.

    I did start melting fall scents though! Yesterday was Hot Apple Pie in the tart warmer, and later it was the layered apple scents candle from Walmart. Mulled Cider is the top layer. (Unfortunately it is tunneling.)


    1. I would love to post a blog with more about my wedding. My mom worked really hard and it was really pretty. It was really on a budget too.
      I need more apple decorations also. It's all pumpkins for me. I love pumpkins,
      And that is such a bummer about the candle. It isn't an even burn? That stinks because I have been burning on of the large one wick candles and it has been great.

    2. We scraped some of the unmelted wax out from the edges and it seems to be evening itself out a bit on this second burn. The jar narrows as it gets closer to the bottom, so hopefully it melts evenly the farther down it gets.

      The throw is awesome though. Many times candles are just too weak for my liking, but this one is throwing scent beautifully.

      I got the layered apple one AND the layered pumpkin one. Woot!