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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Themed Entry from the old TheBathingGarden Contest!

 A couple months ago (I think) TheBathingGarden of etsy had a fun little contest where you got to design your own themed set of tarts. You could choose up to 5 tarts in each theme and you could enter up to 2 themes. A bunch of sets were chosen and then some individual tarts also. Unfortunately none of mine were chosen but I was very proud and excited about what I had come up with. I just had to share them so when I was clearing out old folders today on my computer and I came across my entries, I knew I must blog about it!

My first Collection was a video gamer collection. My husband and I are big gamers. He actually helped me with a few of the ideas. I wanted to keep this a classic gamer collection rather than get too in depth with newer games. I figured these were references most people would get.

Video Gamer Collection
Diddy Takes the Cake
Scent- This little monkey has been chasing bananas around far too long to have not finally gotten a taste. But he doesn't just want a banana. Let him eat cake! This scent would be a warm banana pudding cake scent. Strong notes of banana and vanilla with lighter notes of caramel and whipped cream.
Color- Bright yellow to match the bananas in the video game. Caramel color swirled on top and a little monkey embed and red sprinkles.

Save the Princess
Scent- The princess is always getting into trouble. Maybe it's her pleasing aroma. Sweet Honeydew kissed with pink sugared peaches. A floral/fruity scent. Very girlie and worthy of a hero.
Color- Bright pink to match Princess Peach's Dress. Lots of irridesent and yellow glitter with a tiny tiara embed.

Pac Man Fever
Scent- Chomp chomp. You will be wanting to eat this up. Oranges, apples, strawberries, and cherries! All of the little yellow guy's favorites power ups. Smells like fruit punch.
Color- Bright Yellow. With a black eye and a black triangle to make it look as if the tart is a pack man packed into a clam shell.

Frogger Takes a Dip
Scent-  This little froggy's bog has been his home for years, and everyone remembers the smell of home. Calming lilis, sandlewood and very very light pine. A peaceful, mountain escape away from the roaring roads.
Color- A cheerful froggy green, sprikled with glitter for the sparkling waters and little beads for the bubbling. With a fly embed.

My other collection was a nursery rhyme theme. I figured there was so much that could be done with nursery rhymes and they are something everyone is familiar with.

Nursery Rhymes
Little Miss Muffet
Scent- A bottom layer of Rich milk and cheese cake topped with black currant with a light splash of bergamot. A modern twist on the old time dish. Sweet and tart.
Color- Creamy white topped with deep purple, sprinkled with black and purple glitter and a spider embed.

Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake
Scent- Soft bread pudding, for baby and me. A blend of cinnamon, buttery apples, warm bread, and vanilla cake.
Color- Baby blue with a "B" on top.

Rock-a-bye Baby
Scent- Soft baby powder, warm milk, honey, and aloe. Soft and sweet like a new born baby wrapped in a warm blanket.
Color- Soft pink with a tiny baby bottle embed. Sprikled with baby blue glitter.

Twinkle twinkle little star
Scent- Bubbling champagne, dark roses, salty sea water, sandlewood, and musk. An incredibily sexy scent for a warm night under the twinkling stars.
Color- Very Dark purple (almost black) sprinkled with glitter and stars.

Did you participate in this contest? I would love to hear about your entries or even if you didn't enter, what you would have entered. It was sure fun to test the creative mind!

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

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