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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In Memory of a Lost Friend

Myself, Chelsea, and Tyler after Graduation
Saturday night a good friend of mine from high school had a brain aneurysm in her sleep. She passed away on Sunday in the hospital. She was newly married and had her husband lovingly by her side through the whole thing, whether she was aware of it or not.

Tyler was a very sweet, thoughtful, and caring person. We could always act ridiculous and nothing was "stupid" to her. She was a model of fun and happiness and I know every life she touched will remember her light.

I just wanted to ask that, whether religious or not, you send some positive thoughts out into the world today for my friend Tyler and her family. No doubt her family is having to live what we all hope we never have to experience. Too many families go through this same type of event and my hope is that they remember good things and try to move on with love.

In memory of "Tyty" and all others who are taken from us too soon. Hugs <3

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  1. So young. So scary. So sad. :(

    My son's name is Ty (not Tyler) and we also call him TyTy. lol