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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Honey Butter Review by Country Home Scents

Honey Butter

Autumn time is upon us and I have a plethora of waxes to share. Let me begin with a little treat from one of my favorite vendors Country Home Scents. This is their Honey Butter scent which can be found in their autumn scents section on their site.

Country home scents describes this scent as "Rich butter cream and the sweetness of golden honey are combined to create this luscious aroma" and you can find it in the 'Autumn Scents' section on the site.
This tart is a bright yellow with tons of glitter, black and yellow round sprinkles and a cute little honey bee embed.

I melted this in my Scentsationals wall plug-in warmer in my bathroom. I could not gather a strong scent from this so I wanted to burn it in a smaller area. Most times I cut these little tarts in half but I just felt like melting the whole thing this day because I wanted the most true to the scent melt as I could get.

In cold throw my husband and I both agreed that we smelled something, but we were not sure what it was. We could not smell honey and we for sure did not smell butter. So what was it? I still do not know. It's a sweet smell. Almost like bread.

Now in warm throw, this is where I finally got it. I could very slightly smell the butter and the honey. However, I left the doors to the bathroom closed and when I walked in I was vaugly greeted with that sweet questionable scent. With my little nose close to the melted wax I gathered the idea, but as for the scent 'greeting', I was left confused. I understand that honey and butter are odd scents to reproduce correctly.

In the end, I was not in love. This is not one I will repurchase, But I did enjoy seeing the little honey  bee float around in the wax.

Have you tried Country Home Scents? Do you have a favorite wax?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole


  1. So you got no scent throw? Bummer. I've had my eye on this one. Maybe I'll get it anyway just to see if I have more luck. Have you tried the other honey one? That one was STRONG every time I had it.


    1. It was just too light and didn't smell like honey butter basically. I have wanted to try the honey one but after this one I kind of figured I shouldn't. So it is good?

    2. The two or three times I've had it, it's been really strong. I'm not a floral scent fan, and the honey one is almost in the floral category, but I still really liked it.

      I think you should give it a shot. And I'm going to give this butter one a shot. :)


  2. Funny how scents differ for people. I finally ordered the Honey Butter one and have it melting now and it is super strong. I almost blew out the tea light candle because it was so overpowering and my son hated it. I get a lot more honey out of it, and only slight butter undertones.