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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Haul from Thebathinggarden

 Thebathinggarden currently has a TAT of 10 days so my order that I placed about 2 weeks ago just came. I was prepared to wait and I kept myself busy. However, when I knew it was out for delivery today I was so anxious to get it and open it up! I the 5 pack and picked out 2 Halloween scents, 2 (what I would consider) Holiday scents, and 1 random one that was new and I could not resist. Shannon, as always, sent a couple freebies too!

The freebies I got were Frosted Cake Bake  and Faerie Call. I could not find FCB on her site so it must not be available right now. This meant I couldn't get her scent description, but I believe this is like an almond cake. Smells very yummy. Faeire Call is described as "Fresh blackberries covered in clotted cream and topped with a layer of strawberry cotton candy." 
I could gather all but the cotton candy. Very sweet and creamy.

The Halloween scents I ordered were Haunted Hayride and Trick or Treat.
Haunted Hayride is supposed to smell like "Tart granny smith apples, caramel, cinnamon, pumpkin, and hints of hay." Mostly I get apples. Yummy juicy green apples with caramel and a slight bit of hay. Exactly, HAY!  Very interesting. I cannot wait to melt this

Trick or Treat is "A bottom layer of warm butterscotch candy topped with candy corn and drizzled with milk chocolate. " The bottom butterscotch is a little more liquor like than I would have hoped for, but I am hoping is calms down a bit when warmed. I don't get so much candy corn  but I do get the milk chocolate on the top.

Pistachio Almond Pudding and Frosted Fruit Cake are the two scents I would consider holiday for me. I am not into a lot of cinnamon and pine scents.
I was so excited to try the pudding scent because it reminded me of my Grandma's marshmallow salad she used to bring to family and Holiday functions. I actually blogged about this salad last month. Check it out HERE. Anyways it smells exactly like what you would think. So good!
The Frosted Fruit Cake is supposed to "Fruit, nuts, cake, and a drizzle of cream cheese frosting." I get a bakery type fruit scent. Not too strong. This is nice though because there is not any spice scent.
And the grand finale. This is the reason I ordered. Golden Ticket "A bottom layer of rich cheesecake is topped with creamy butterscotch. " I have lemon cheesecake from TBG and I LOVE it! The cheesecake scnet in that particular bar is AMAZING! Unfortunately this one let me down. The cheesecake was very light and not rich like the other at all. The butterscotch had that same alcohol scent as trick or treat. I just hope this one melts better than it smells right now.

Not my favorite haul from Shannon, but I have had great tarts and wonderful customer service in the past so I will be back. Just a bump in the lovely scented wax world road!

What are your favorite scents from this vendor?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole


  1. Haunted Hayride sounds very interesting!

    I've ordered from The Bathing Garden twice and have found, overall, the scent throw is too hit or miss for me. The couple that were good were awesome, but probably 98% of what I have ordered has been weak . . . or no throw at all. :(


    1. I found I have to use like 3 cubes most of the time to get a good scent. That;s alot but then she has such interesting scents. My favorite is lemon cheesecake. I should have ordered more of that one lol But everyone raves about vintage circus and I do not get it at all.