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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Tanzie!

Happy Birthday Tanzie!

Let's start with my fear of dogs. All my life I was terrified of the barking and the teeth and the jumping! I did not like little dogs, but especially not big dogs. When I met Grant in high school and started hanging around him, he insisted I meet his dog. Grant's dog was his best friend and the one he loved most. He made a big production out of having me meet "Christopher". We walked to his house (literally right next to the school) and he had me wait outside while he got the dog. Out came Chris, the Great Dane who met me eye to eye since I was standing on the lawn and he was on the porch. "Give him a kiss" Grant told me. I declined. This was the biggest dog I had ever seen. He weighed close to 200 pounds. This crush was not going to work out.

Over time Grant and I obviously formed a relationship, but there was no having that relationship without having Chris in my life. Slowly I would talk to Chris or sit and watch him. He was very gentle and kind. I would sometime rub his face and talk to him like he was getting a world class massage. It is safe to say that I fell in love with Christopher right along with Grant. Christopher was old and unfortunately passed away in early 2010. He was close to 10 years old. Tanzie never got to meet him, but I know she would have loved him and he would have loved her. He was always really good with small dogs.

Growing up we were rarely allowed pets. If we had a pet it was usually an outside pet. So as soon as I was out on my own I wanted a pet. I started out by getting a random bunny that kind of fell into my lap. But the bunny didn't want to be cuddles or played with really. The only fun thing to do was watch her hop around or eat carrots. I kept her for a few years. We actually just found her a new home last month with another bunny to play with and children.

Tanzie around a week old.
I wanted a dog of my own. It was time. I knew a female chihuahua that I loved and her owner wanted her to have puppies. So we found a stud and I crossed my fingers! If this dog had at least 3 puppies and one was a girl, I would get one. I used to rub her tummy and wish for a very tiny girl that was chocolate colored.

On September 12th, 2010 the tubby little chihuahua went into labor! As they were born we named them. Overall there were 4 puppies, one boy. I could have my pick. Tanzie was the only little black and tan dog. Not the color I had wanted at all, but you cannot help who you fall in love with. My little Tanzie was the 3rd born and she was a girl. It was meant to be. I loved on her every day and could not wait until October 31st when I could take her home.

4 little babies, can you tell which one is Tanzie?
Despite Tanzie's parents both being regular sized chihuahuas around 5-7 pounds, Tanzie is very small. She is about 3.5 pounds. Exactly as I had wished, very small. My little tiny Chihuahua. While those dogs are known for having a nasty disposition and being loud I am happy to report Tanzie is one of the sweetest most loving and accepting dogs you will ever find. She is not one of those little dogs that will bite your hand off for getting near me. She will only bark when someone opens the door and once they are inside she is usually past the barking and moving on to sitting in their lap and stealing their heart. If you are warm, she will cuddle with you.
Tanzie, just over a month old

I would not have picked a chihuahua on my own, it just happened that is what I got and I am in love completely. While she tends to be slightly more attached to Grant since we got a second dog, I know she loves me as much as I love her. I never knew having dogs was so great.

Just before getting to bring Tanzie home.

Tanzania May Marchetta. Named after a Hilary Duff character in "Material Girls", 3.5 pounds, loves Cheetos, loves to lay in the sun, her ears get droopy when she is tired, where there is a blanket to get under she will be there, the sweetest smallest thing you cannot help but love, and 2 years old today.

I hear that dogs take too much time and attention. I have never felt negativity about Tanzie being around. She doesn't stop me from doing what I want to do, and naturally you just adapt to having a dog around and it doesn't seem like work at all.


  1. Awww. Happy Birthday, Tanzie!

    I prefer larger dogs myself. We've had two since moving out here to the country . . . a German Shepard/Black Lab mix, and a purebred Akita. At the moment we just have two cats in the house. If we get a dog again, it will probably be some small yippy thing. LOL

    I had to chuckle, and can't imagine having a fear of dogs and having to meet a Great Dane face to face. Sorry for laughing, but the mental image is just too funny. :)


    1. I am set with small dogs now. They dont cost very much to feed and a large dog would not fit on the bed :) lol But i know my husband wants another big dog eventually.
      And yeah it's easy to laugh at now I was terrified when it happened though. Christopher was a good dog though, he made up for scaring me.