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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Falling Leaves by Starlight Chandling

Wednesday Wax Reviews!

~ FALLING LEAVES ~ A most delightful Fall fragrance. Reminds you of walking and crunching leaves under your feet on a crisp, cool Autumn day taking in the clean air and the smell of Fall. -Starlight Chandling

When I read this scent description I was intrigued by the mystery. There were no specific scent ideas other than the idea of clean air and fall. I am usually a food type person for scents so I wanted to challenge myself and try something new.

Cold, I do not get what I was hoping for unfortunately. I am not fully sure what I was hoping for though... I have been wanting something that smells similar to burning leaves for awhile now. This is not it. Okay Jordan, don't hold that against it. As it stands on its own, I smell quite a lot of sage. This is an outdoorsy type scent. Almost with a hint of pine? That is what I am gathering. It is fairly strong however and I am expecting a great scent throw.

I melted this in my Scentsationals wall plug-in warmer in my bathroom. I kind of just wanted a small area to try this in because if I did not like it I didn't want to 'stink' up my whole house. I melted half of this because the whole thing would be too much for this warmer. You will notice in the picture that it crumbled a bit. These are just a harder wax than most, so cutting these is dangerous. Be careful! I have a habit of slipping through the waxes too fast and getting myself. This day I was safe.

This filled the bathroom with that same sage/pine type scent for me. I really did not like the scent for some reason. Not for me. But it was very strong in just half the tart. This could fill a house I am sure. If you like
outdoorsy type scents this would be great for you. 

This is not a bad tart, it is just not for me. I will save the other half in case I get to do a swappy swap sometime. 

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

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  1. I have this one too but haven't melted it yet. I was also unsure what to expect, and then unsure how I felt about it once I had it.

    I'll have to melt it soon just to see what I think. Our days are getting cooler here, and we have plenty of leaves on the ground already. :)