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Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Bronze Mirrors

My Bronze Sunflower Mirrors

I actually did this DIY over a year ago, but I love it so much and I think it is worthy of sharing. I wanted to do my bathroom in a fall type theme so I could have a little autumn all year long. I already had these mirrors I had gotten from the dollar store years ago. They started out blue or purple. I used to have a pink one also, but like I said, they came from the dollar store.T

Our bathroom used to be bright colors and rubber duckie themed. This time last year we were getting ready to be married and I wanted a more adult bathroom. These mirrors had been in our bathroom previously and we liked having the mirrors all over. Then it came to me! Bronze sunflowers! I would create a bronzed sunflower themed bathroom!

So we registered for all things bronze and terracotta colored and I started my DIY of the old mirrors. All I did was buy one can of a pretty bronze spray paint. It cost me around $6 and I made sure it could be used with plastic. Since they were going to be in the bathroom I wanted to up my chances of them staying nice with all that humidity.

On the back there are just screws that I undid and popped the mirrors out. Simple as can be. Then I spray painted them on my back porch. It took a couple coats to really get rid of the purple or blue tint. I think they turned out great!

We also had this little bathroom organizer that hold q-tips and cotton balls that we liked. It used to be yellow and went great with out old bathroom. I had gotten it from target for only $2 awhile back on clearance. I wanted to keep it, so I taped off the white part and sprayed it bronze also.

I love these mirrors and they go great in our "adult" bathroom. One time when there was an issue with some plumbing we had to call the maintenance man and he told me to remove anything valuable from the area, and he pointed to my mirrors! I fooled him! Less than $10 for all 3 mirrors. Success!

Do you theme the rooms in your house? How is your bathroom decorated?

<3 LUVS!
 Jordan Nicole


  1. Wow, I love that! And I love when inexpensive things can be turned into something grand.

    I would love to theme rooms in my house but there are too many themes that I want, and I can't decide which to use so I don't do anything. I've had medieval ideas for the master bedroom, things that are soooo freakin' awesome in my head but there are major things that wouldn't fit the theme and that we don't want to change for sentimental reasons. Like, my husband built our bed frame/headboard, and my dresser was my grandma's, etc.

    We've talked about redoing out bathroom in a total purple-yellow-white theme because we are Vikings fans, but that would go with nothing in the house. LOL


    1. I love themed rooms. I think the medieval theme sounds awesome. We have friends that have that kind of living room and it is neat.
      My bedroom is black and white Japanese and the kitchen is chili peppers, but I have nothing for the living room. It is kind of video game themed I guess. nothing fancy though. It is my husband's area lol

    2. There are some old posts somewhere on my blog, about cheap costume items I've bought during Halloween season, and turned them into wall displays for my medieval kick. A coworker and I were talking last year about buying some of the really cool dresses/Halloween costumes and sort of hanging them in my medieval bedroom as if they were something that might actually be worn.

      Never did buy any because I haven't yet started on my brilliant master bedroom plan.