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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Comforts of Home Palm Wax Tart Haul

Comforts of Home Palm Wax Haul

Deb at It's Always Something is a great help in making me want to spend money. ;) Thanks Deb! This last week she shared her haul from this vendor on Etsy. Comforts of Home makes palm wax melts. These palm tarts are so unique looking because the palm wax gives this fun crystalized look. Some thing different and an affordable price? I am in.

I placed a small order. Very small. I just wanted to try out these waxes and the vendor. Deb had also metioned some problems melting these in her t-light warmers, so I wanted to see what my electric warmers would do.

 I ordered 2 tarts and received  free one as a sample. I usually buy food scents, but thisvender does not have many. So here was my chance to branch out. I ordered two more floral or earthy scents. My sample was also a floral type. Score!

Well Being ~ a tranquil combination of Italian bergamot, eucalyptus leaves, zest of citrus, french lavender, lily of the valley, clary sage, nordic pine, clove buds and cool camphor. Simply relaxing.
I get alot of the lavender and ecalyptus. I really like this. It reminds me of a body wash I had when I was younger. Very calming.

Unfortunately I only got a couple hours of very light scent from this tart in my bedroom.

Purity ~ fresh lemon, lime and bergamot, set the tone followed by soft rose, lily of the valley and jasmine completed with amber and musk. An amazing scent! Fresh.
This smells just like laundry detergent. I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping for some stronger  citris. It is a nic clean scet, I just do not feel it matches the scent description at all.

I used this one in my living room because it seemed strong. Once again, only a couple hours of very light scent. Mostly only scent standing next to the warmer.

And my free sample was Positive Energies ~ fields of clover and freshly cut grass blended together with a hint of wisteria. An uplifting fragrance.
I think I am getting mostly wistera. I say "I think" because I do not know what wisteria smells like! New experiences here! Its kind of a sweet scent. Not too floral at all. I really like this. I was expecting more grassy scent, I do not get that but I am happy because I was a bit worried. My husband, however, says it smells like soap to him. I can kind of get that.

Melted I did not get a soapy scent. I didn't actually get a scent at all.

These were a complete let down. I do not know if it is the palm wax or if the vendor does not add enough scent. The waxes melted great in my electric warmers and when the wax cools and hardens it just slips right out of the plate, but I see no point in melting if I am not getting any scent.  I do not plan on buying form this vendor again. I am hoping to order some palm wax tarts from somewhere else.

Do you know any good vendors for palm wax?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

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  1. The owner contacted me and offered to send my a stronger bulb for my warmer, but I told her I used tea light warmers. She assured me they melt fine in strong bulb warmers, and it seems they melted fine for you so that's good. She also mentioned they are going to be adding soy melts in the next couple of months and she'll send me a soy replacement for my unfortunate palm experience.

    Bummer about the scent. I didn't get anything from the one I *tried* melting. I have two more that I'll probably put in a swap box or something down the road.