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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boo! Wax Review from Country Home Scents


Another Halloween tart! This season is just full of treats! Did this one manage to trick me? This tart is from my much loved Country Home Scents and is  black tart with glitter and googly eyes. One of my eyes fell off during shipment, so my little boo is a cyclops. No worries, I will still love him just the same until he is a melty little pool of ghosty goodness.

The website describes this little monster as "Boo! A spooky fragrance that will make you get into the "spirit" of Halloween! A musky scent with a touch of grapefruit and plums. Don't be too scared to try it!" Who is too afraid to try it!? Not me!

In a cold wax I definitely smell fruits. I think I am getting a lot of plum because I think more fall/holiday rather than scary ghost and goblins. I guess that is where the musk comes in, giving this a darker aroma. That's how I will describe this, fruity darkness  It is not over whelming fruit. Just a nice pinch of sweet.

I melted this in my bedroom Scensationals warmer. It goes with my black and white motif, so I knew that is where it had to be melted. Plus I like melting these darker romantic scents in there. This was a really light tart. A was a little bummed out because I was hoping for more power. But gentle is nice in the bedroom. I got more of the musk scent form this and a light note of sweetness.
I like the scent I just wish it had been stronger. It is nice and unique and great if you are looking for a fall/holiday scent that is not cinnamon. Maybe 2 of these would be best in a room. Unless you were using it in a bathroom then I suppose the 1 tart would be just fine.

One quick side note...LOOK! Is it not hilarious and adorable how the wax ended up settling!?

Would you try this one? What are your favorite Halloween scents?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole


  1. I love how you write about these, so silly and fun. I can't wait to melt mine, and I'll have to leave the eyes on and see how they end up. LOL


    1. Lol yes that is half the fun :) take a picture, I wanna see! hahaha

    2. Will do! I hope they don't turn over or sink. LOL! I usually take all such decorations off first.


  2. I have this one and hope to melt it this week. Great review and cute pic with the eyes.