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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bewitching by Country Home Scents Review

Bewitching by Country Home Scents
A witch and her broomstick, together like me and my wax tarts. This little tart is simple and adorable and is probably the hardest of the CHS Halloween tarts for me to melt. I had it sitting out forawhile with the others for decoration. The nice thing about this orange tart with glitter and sprinkles, is that the little witch on her broom is removeable and keepable. What will I do with it? Throw it is a box and craft with it one day, or never. Who knows, it's cute and I'm keeping her!

So with this wax tart I am going to sniff it blindly for you! I do not remember the scent and I want to see what I gather from it, then I will check the website! Ready? GO! I smell sweet!  Almost like a buttercream.  I also smell some fruity notes, maybe citris. I like that this does not seem to be a cinnamon scent. Maybe just alittle, but not much. It is medium to strong in cold throw and almost bakery like.

Okay now that I have tested my mind and nose, lets see what CHS has to say!

"Bewitching...A haunting scent perfect for Halloween! A blend of sweet dark spices, patchouli and cinnamon sticks."

Oh dear. Not even close. This was obviously rubbing up with some other scents!...yeah that's it...  Well now that I have been tricked by my little treat, time to melt this witchy witch!

Ahhhhh! I'm melting!!!!! I used this whole tart in my bedroom full sized Scentsationals warmer. I like to leave the scent for awhile and then come back. When I walked back to see what had become of this questionable scent I was not expecting much. With really strong scents you can smell them in the hall since me leave our bedroom door open. I could smell nothing. Then I entered the room. Yum!

Let me first say, I am prone to loving food scents. Bakery gooey goodness is my favorite and I am not a floral or musky person. This did not smell like food, nor did it small floral or musky. It was a nice simple spice scent. When I say spice I bet you went right to cinnamon right? Come on, we both know you did! That's not it however! I wouldn't even say it smelled like cinnamon at all except I knew the description said cinnamon. I was picking up some subtle sweetnotes that made this scent very welcoming. Mainly, it smelled of very nice, light parchouli. I knew it was patchouli because that had been my great Grandpa Don's signature scent. He smelled really strong of it actually. A bit much at times. This wasn't too much at all. It manged to fill the entire bedroom which is pretty good sized and it was just a subtlle, warm, scent. Almost romatic and perfect for the bedroom.

It did leave quite a mess in my warmer pot, but I do not mind that. I come to expect it from a lot of the tarts I melt because I like decorated tarts. I just froze it and it all came out clean, no hassle. This is a tart you'll definitely want to use the freezer method to clean up.

I really liked this one and I think I would buy it again, which surprises the heck out of me!  This is one to try even if you think it does not osund good. It is light so you will not be offened when you walk into the room, but it will also greet you with a sweet kiss of warmth. Very Inviting!
What do you think? Will you try it?


Jordan Nicole


  1. Oooh, nice. Since I am considering placing a long overdue order from there, I will have to get this one. :)


  2. I know I will be getting this again. I have made up my mind and it will be in my next order, whenever that is lol