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Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Frame Decoration Crazy Crafting

Autumn Crazy Crafted Decoration Frame
I have been crazy crafting, which is when I just grab a bunch of stuff with no goal in mind and go! This day I grabbed an old picture frame that has lost its parts, it's litterally just a frame. I decided I needed to throw it away or do something with it.

My supplies
I started looking around for things to decorate it with. I had bought some putka pods back in July, knowing I was going to be crafting with them a TON! Yet I have not done anything with them....
I also grabbed some of this annoying homespun yarn I bought in August on clerance at Walmart for $1.50. That is an incredible price for yarn, especially the fancy kind!!! Well when I got this home and started making a scarf for my mom like I had planned, I relized this stuff is impossible to do anything with!  It is really just annoying and pretty. Better use it up on something else!

The last thing I scooped up before beginning this random blah day project was a bag of junk. Exactly. Do you have bags of junk? I had been working on o ur wedding scrapbook and this was the bad that was filled with remenents. It had ribbon, buttons, pearls, stickers, paper, glue sticks, strings, and left over tule from my Autumn Tule Wreath. There were probably more things but it was just a mess!

Time to begin the madness. I heated my glue gun and started. I am not a glue gun expert. I do not use it that much because I get covered in strings and get glue everywhere. I did not fail at making a gooey mess this day either! I first glued the yarn all over the frame. I really mean all over. I think it ended up looking like I did it around and around but I was crosing them over eachother and under and just all over the place until I covered up the black from the frame.

Next I had an odd moment. I do not know what possesed me but I started tying tule to the corner. Then I cut it all to the same length and I guess I just left it there. This is not something I would preplan, trust me! I ended up liking it though, so I left it.

Next the putka pod mini ADORABLE pumpkins! I was itching to get going so I just started glueing to the lower corner and I decided that was fine. Just a little cluster of pumpkins. My putka patch. TA DA!'

I also had these pearl stick ons I had been using in my scrapbook so I stuck 3 of those of with some extra hot glue. Very shabby chic?

Now for the backing, I was not sure if I wanted to put a picture or print something or just leave it a hole. I decided on printing something because I had found the BEST font ever! It is called JI Pumpkins by Jeri Ingalls and you can find it here s free for downloading. I love downloading new fun fonts and I had not gotten to use this yet. So a pumpkin printing I went! I printed it on a textured, tan colored paper and cut out around it with a wobbly hand (intentionally). I glued this to a fancy piece of paper. I spent too much on in a book of fancy papers from Joanns. It was a moment of weakness. Now I am trying to find things to do with all this paper! I need to be supervised in Joanns, otherwise I see "40% off" and I am sucked in, which is a terrible habit.

Well I stuck the paper to the back with, what else, more hot glue. I think it turned out pretty darn cute. A child could do this better probably. That's why it CRAZY crafting. There was no goal but to decorate and I believe I succeeded. This could be cute sitting on one of my side tables or hanging on the wall. I have not quite decided but it is versitile non the less so I can do what I want since I am, in fact, an adult.

Do you ever have moments of craziness where you just craft? What have you come up with?


Jordan Nicole


  1. Hi, I just found your blog after reading a post on It's Always Something....

    The Autumn frame is awesome!

    1. Hello! :) Thankies. I enjoy it for just being a time killer.

  2. I really like this!! I would love to be able to just do this kind of stuff. I always drool over all the crafty things I see in the stores, and things I see people make, but I never seem to get farther than 'Ooooh, this would be so cool for . . . something,' in my head.

    (waves to Vnetta)


    1. I luv crafts. I have some more fall ones coming up. I just need to take final pictures and transfer them . I am a bit lazy there lol

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