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Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Frame Decoration Crazy Crafting

Autumn Crazy Crafted Decoration Frame
I have been crazy crafting, which is when I just grab a bunch of stuff with no goal in mind and go! This day I grabbed an old picture frame that has lost its parts, it's litterally just a frame. I decided I needed to throw it away or do something with it.

My supplies
I started looking around for things to decorate it with. I had bought some putka pods back in July, knowing I was going to be crafting with them a TON! Yet I have not done anything with them....
I also grabbed some of this annoying homespun yarn I bought in August on clerance at Walmart for $1.50. That is an incredible price for yarn, especially the fancy kind!!! Well when I got this home and started making a scarf for my mom like I had planned, I relized this stuff is impossible to do anything with!  It is really just annoying and pretty. Better use it up on something else!

The last thing I scooped up before beginning this random blah day project was a bag of junk. Exactly. Do you have bags of junk? I had been working on o ur wedding scrapbook and this was the bad that was filled with remenents. It had ribbon, buttons, pearls, stickers, paper, glue sticks, strings, and left over tule from my Autumn Tule Wreath. There were probably more things but it was just a mess!

Time to begin the madness. I heated my glue gun and started. I am not a glue gun expert. I do not use it that much because I get covered in strings and get glue everywhere. I did not fail at making a gooey mess this day either! I first glued the yarn all over the frame. I really mean all over. I think it ended up looking like I did it around and around but I was crosing them over eachother and under and just all over the place until I covered up the black from the frame.

Next I had an odd moment. I do not know what possesed me but I started tying tule to the corner. Then I cut it all to the same length and I guess I just left it there. This is not something I would preplan, trust me! I ended up liking it though, so I left it.

Next the putka pod mini ADORABLE pumpkins! I was itching to get going so I just started glueing to the lower corner and I decided that was fine. Just a little cluster of pumpkins. My putka patch. TA DA!'

I also had these pearl stick ons I had been using in my scrapbook so I stuck 3 of those of with some extra hot glue. Very shabby chic?

Now for the backing, I was not sure if I wanted to put a picture or print something or just leave it a hole. I decided on printing something because I had found the BEST font ever! It is called JI Pumpkins by Jeri Ingalls and you can find it here s free for downloading. I love downloading new fun fonts and I had not gotten to use this yet. So a pumpkin printing I went! I printed it on a textured, tan colored paper and cut out around it with a wobbly hand (intentionally). I glued this to a fancy piece of paper. I spent too much on in a book of fancy papers from Joanns. It was a moment of weakness. Now I am trying to find things to do with all this paper! I need to be supervised in Joanns, otherwise I see "40% off" and I am sucked in, which is a terrible habit.

Well I stuck the paper to the back with, what else, more hot glue. I think it turned out pretty darn cute. A child could do this better probably. That's why it CRAZY crafting. There was no goal but to decorate and I believe I succeeded. This could be cute sitting on one of my side tables or hanging on the wall. I have not quite decided but it is versitile non the less so I can do what I want since I am, in fact, an adult.

Do you ever have moments of craziness where you just craft? What have you come up with?


Jordan Nicole

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boo! Wax Review from Country Home Scents


Another Halloween tart! This season is just full of treats! Did this one manage to trick me? This tart is from my much loved Country Home Scents and is  black tart with glitter and googly eyes. One of my eyes fell off during shipment, so my little boo is a cyclops. No worries, I will still love him just the same until he is a melty little pool of ghosty goodness.

The website describes this little monster as "Boo! A spooky fragrance that will make you get into the "spirit" of Halloween! A musky scent with a touch of grapefruit and plums. Don't be too scared to try it!" Who is too afraid to try it!? Not me!

In a cold wax I definitely smell fruits. I think I am getting a lot of plum because I think more fall/holiday rather than scary ghost and goblins. I guess that is where the musk comes in, giving this a darker aroma. That's how I will describe this, fruity darkness  It is not over whelming fruit. Just a nice pinch of sweet.

I melted this in my bedroom Scensationals warmer. It goes with my black and white motif, so I knew that is where it had to be melted. Plus I like melting these darker romantic scents in there. This was a really light tart. A was a little bummed out because I was hoping for more power. But gentle is nice in the bedroom. I got more of the musk scent form this and a light note of sweetness.
I like the scent I just wish it had been stronger. It is nice and unique and great if you are looking for a fall/holiday scent that is not cinnamon. Maybe 2 of these would be best in a room. Unless you were using it in a bathroom then I suppose the 1 tart would be just fine.

One quick side note...LOOK! Is it not hilarious and adorable how the wax ended up settling!?

Would you try this one? What are your favorite Halloween scents?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

In Memory of a Lost Friend

Myself, Chelsea, and Tyler after Graduation
Saturday night a good friend of mine from high school had a brain aneurysm in her sleep. She passed away on Sunday in the hospital. She was newly married and had her husband lovingly by her side through the whole thing, whether she was aware of it or not.

Tyler was a very sweet, thoughtful, and caring person. We could always act ridiculous and nothing was "stupid" to her. She was a model of fun and happiness and I know every life she touched will remember her light.

I just wanted to ask that, whether religious or not, you send some positive thoughts out into the world today for my friend Tyler and her family. No doubt her family is having to live what we all hope we never have to experience. Too many families go through this same type of event and my hope is that they remember good things and try to move on with love.

In memory of "Tyty" and all others who are taken from us too soon. Hugs <3

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Palm Wax Update from Comforts of Home

I cannot believe I never posted my update on the palm was tarts I bought. You can see my haul on these here.

My blogging buddy Deb had some problems getting these to melt in her tea light warmers so I thought I would try them in my electric warmers. I am happy to announce that they melted perfect!

However, I am unhappy to say, they had no scent at all. Not even close to the warmer was I getting scent. So strange. I am not sure if it was just the vendor or the palm wax. I hope it is not the palm wax I really liked how it looked so different, and most of all I loved how once the wax cooled, it just slid right out of the pan! That was sure neat. It had such a different feeling than I am used to. I liked getting to try something new. Hopefully I can find another vendor to try.

Know any good palm wax tart vendors?

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Bewitching by Country Home Scents Review

Bewitching by Country Home Scents
A witch and her broomstick, together like me and my wax tarts. This little tart is simple and adorable and is probably the hardest of the CHS Halloween tarts for me to melt. I had it sitting out forawhile with the others for decoration. The nice thing about this orange tart with glitter and sprinkles, is that the little witch on her broom is removeable and keepable. What will I do with it? Throw it is a box and craft with it one day, or never. Who knows, it's cute and I'm keeping her!

So with this wax tart I am going to sniff it blindly for you! I do not remember the scent and I want to see what I gather from it, then I will check the website! Ready? GO! I smell sweet!  Almost like a buttercream.  I also smell some fruity notes, maybe citris. I like that this does not seem to be a cinnamon scent. Maybe just alittle, but not much. It is medium to strong in cold throw and almost bakery like.

Okay now that I have tested my mind and nose, lets see what CHS has to say!

"Bewitching...A haunting scent perfect for Halloween! A blend of sweet dark spices, patchouli and cinnamon sticks."

Oh dear. Not even close. This was obviously rubbing up with some other scents!...yeah that's it...  Well now that I have been tricked by my little treat, time to melt this witchy witch!

Ahhhhh! I'm melting!!!!! I used this whole tart in my bedroom full sized Scentsationals warmer. I like to leave the scent for awhile and then come back. When I walked back to see what had become of this questionable scent I was not expecting much. With really strong scents you can smell them in the hall since me leave our bedroom door open. I could smell nothing. Then I entered the room. Yum!

Let me first say, I am prone to loving food scents. Bakery gooey goodness is my favorite and I am not a floral or musky person. This did not smell like food, nor did it small floral or musky. It was a nice simple spice scent. When I say spice I bet you went right to cinnamon right? Come on, we both know you did! That's not it however! I wouldn't even say it smelled like cinnamon at all except I knew the description said cinnamon. I was picking up some subtle sweetnotes that made this scent very welcoming. Mainly, it smelled of very nice, light parchouli. I knew it was patchouli because that had been my great Grandpa Don's signature scent. He smelled really strong of it actually. A bit much at times. This wasn't too much at all. It manged to fill the entire bedroom which is pretty good sized and it was just a subtlle, warm, scent. Almost romatic and perfect for the bedroom.

It did leave quite a mess in my warmer pot, but I do not mind that. I come to expect it from a lot of the tarts I melt because I like decorated tarts. I just froze it and it all came out clean, no hassle. This is a tart you'll definitely want to use the freezer method to clean up.

I really liked this one and I think I would buy it again, which surprises the heck out of me!  This is one to try even if you think it does not osund good. It is light so you will not be offened when you walk into the room, but it will also greet you with a sweet kiss of warmth. Very Inviting!
What do you think? Will you try it?


Jordan Nicole

Sunday, September 16, 2012

JoAnn's Coupon Commotion and 99 cent Shipping!

Image Rights to Joann.com
I opened my email this morning to find a bunch of commotion in my inbox! Joann's is having a great sale right now! I received 6 coupons for 50% off one item. This "Excludes sale-priced & clearance items, Red Tag " but this also means you can stock up! Hopefully you have a Joann's nearby since online you can only us one coupon code.

If you have not received your email click HERE to go to the website to sign up and get your coupons today.

There are plenty of great sales going on in store on online also, as always. If you are needing to stock up for holiday crafting, this sure seems like a good time.

Are you going to take advantage of this exciting commotion? Let me know what you get!

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Bronze Mirrors

My Bronze Sunflower Mirrors

I actually did this DIY over a year ago, but I love it so much and I think it is worthy of sharing. I wanted to do my bathroom in a fall type theme so I could have a little autumn all year long. I already had these mirrors I had gotten from the dollar store years ago. They started out blue or purple. I used to have a pink one also, but like I said, they came from the dollar store.T

Our bathroom used to be bright colors and rubber duckie themed. This time last year we were getting ready to be married and I wanted a more adult bathroom. These mirrors had been in our bathroom previously and we liked having the mirrors all over. Then it came to me! Bronze sunflowers! I would create a bronzed sunflower themed bathroom!

So we registered for all things bronze and terracotta colored and I started my DIY of the old mirrors. All I did was buy one can of a pretty bronze spray paint. It cost me around $6 and I made sure it could be used with plastic. Since they were going to be in the bathroom I wanted to up my chances of them staying nice with all that humidity.

On the back there are just screws that I undid and popped the mirrors out. Simple as can be. Then I spray painted them on my back porch. It took a couple coats to really get rid of the purple or blue tint. I think they turned out great!

We also had this little bathroom organizer that hold q-tips and cotton balls that we liked. It used to be yellow and went great with out old bathroom. I had gotten it from target for only $2 awhile back on clearance. I wanted to keep it, so I taped off the white part and sprayed it bronze also.

I love these mirrors and they go great in our "adult" bathroom. One time when there was an issue with some plumbing we had to call the maintenance man and he told me to remove anything valuable from the area, and he pointed to my mirrors! I fooled him! Less than $10 for all 3 mirrors. Success!

Do you theme the rooms in your house? How is your bathroom decorated?

<3 LUVS!
 Jordan Nicole

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Tanzie!

Happy Birthday Tanzie!

Let's start with my fear of dogs. All my life I was terrified of the barking and the teeth and the jumping! I did not like little dogs, but especially not big dogs. When I met Grant in high school and started hanging around him, he insisted I meet his dog. Grant's dog was his best friend and the one he loved most. He made a big production out of having me meet "Christopher". We walked to his house (literally right next to the school) and he had me wait outside while he got the dog. Out came Chris, the Great Dane who met me eye to eye since I was standing on the lawn and he was on the porch. "Give him a kiss" Grant told me. I declined. This was the biggest dog I had ever seen. He weighed close to 200 pounds. This crush was not going to work out.

Over time Grant and I obviously formed a relationship, but there was no having that relationship without having Chris in my life. Slowly I would talk to Chris or sit and watch him. He was very gentle and kind. I would sometime rub his face and talk to him like he was getting a world class massage. It is safe to say that I fell in love with Christopher right along with Grant. Christopher was old and unfortunately passed away in early 2010. He was close to 10 years old. Tanzie never got to meet him, but I know she would have loved him and he would have loved her. He was always really good with small dogs.

Growing up we were rarely allowed pets. If we had a pet it was usually an outside pet. So as soon as I was out on my own I wanted a pet. I started out by getting a random bunny that kind of fell into my lap. But the bunny didn't want to be cuddles or played with really. The only fun thing to do was watch her hop around or eat carrots. I kept her for a few years. We actually just found her a new home last month with another bunny to play with and children.

Tanzie around a week old.
I wanted a dog of my own. It was time. I knew a female chihuahua that I loved and her owner wanted her to have puppies. So we found a stud and I crossed my fingers! If this dog had at least 3 puppies and one was a girl, I would get one. I used to rub her tummy and wish for a very tiny girl that was chocolate colored.

On September 12th, 2010 the tubby little chihuahua went into labor! As they were born we named them. Overall there were 4 puppies, one boy. I could have my pick. Tanzie was the only little black and tan dog. Not the color I had wanted at all, but you cannot help who you fall in love with. My little Tanzie was the 3rd born and she was a girl. It was meant to be. I loved on her every day and could not wait until October 31st when I could take her home.

4 little babies, can you tell which one is Tanzie?
Despite Tanzie's parents both being regular sized chihuahuas around 5-7 pounds, Tanzie is very small. She is about 3.5 pounds. Exactly as I had wished, very small. My little tiny Chihuahua. While those dogs are known for having a nasty disposition and being loud I am happy to report Tanzie is one of the sweetest most loving and accepting dogs you will ever find. She is not one of those little dogs that will bite your hand off for getting near me. She will only bark when someone opens the door and once they are inside she is usually past the barking and moving on to sitting in their lap and stealing their heart. If you are warm, she will cuddle with you.
Tanzie, just over a month old

I would not have picked a chihuahua on my own, it just happened that is what I got and I am in love completely. While she tends to be slightly more attached to Grant since we got a second dog, I know she loves me as much as I love her. I never knew having dogs was so great.

Just before getting to bring Tanzie home.

Tanzania May Marchetta. Named after a Hilary Duff character in "Material Girls", 3.5 pounds, loves Cheetos, loves to lay in the sun, her ears get droopy when she is tired, where there is a blanket to get under she will be there, the sweetest smallest thing you cannot help but love, and 2 years old today.

I hear that dogs take too much time and attention. I have never felt negativity about Tanzie being around. She doesn't stop me from doing what I want to do, and naturally you just adapt to having a dog around and it doesn't seem like work at all.

Trick or Treat Melt Review by Country Home Scents

Wednesday Wax Reviews!

Trick or Treat by Country Home Scents

Happy Wednesday! My favorite time of the year is approaching! Autumn! And of course, it all begins with Halloween decorations! I am just goig to dive right in and start with my halloween waxes I have to melt. This one comes from Country Home Scents.

Trick or Treat is described as "a blend of pumpkin and apple; ending with a touch of orange, cinnamon and vanilla! Definitely a treat not a trick!" on the CHS website. It is a black, soft wax with loadsoforange and black crystal candies and glitter on top.
 In cold through I must say I was disappoited. I usually am with scents that contain cinnamon. It is a nice smell, but cinnamon is such a strong scent that it over powers most others with it. That is exactly the vibe I got from this little tart. Cinnamon with a touch of fruit. I cannot really say I gathered orange, pumpkin, or apple. I just got a slight sweetness. Also, amazingly, I did not gather any vanilla from this. Vanilla is another one of those smells that sticks to your nose when sniffing.

I burned this one in my small plug-in scensationals warmer in my bathroom. I figured since the room was small and this was a medium scent, half would be enough. I love cutting these CHS tarts in half because they are so soft so you do not have to worry about suddenly slaming through a hard block. I got a nice smell from this one. I could smell a spicy blend of apple and orange. Lot of cinnamon, but not terrible like I was expecting.

This was a nice wax melt. Smelled great in my bathroom and filled the room. It is a pretty common scent though. This would not be one of my favorites but I cannot say I didn't like it. I do not think the one whole  tart could fill a big room but it would be great in a bedroom I am sure.

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Falling Leaves by Starlight Chandling

Wednesday Wax Reviews!

~ FALLING LEAVES ~ A most delightful Fall fragrance. Reminds you of walking and crunching leaves under your feet on a crisp, cool Autumn day taking in the clean air and the smell of Fall. -Starlight Chandling

When I read this scent description I was intrigued by the mystery. There were no specific scent ideas other than the idea of clean air and fall. I am usually a food type person for scents so I wanted to challenge myself and try something new.

Cold, I do not get what I was hoping for unfortunately. I am not fully sure what I was hoping for though... I have been wanting something that smells similar to burning leaves for awhile now. This is not it. Okay Jordan, don't hold that against it. As it stands on its own, I smell quite a lot of sage. This is an outdoorsy type scent. Almost with a hint of pine? That is what I am gathering. It is fairly strong however and I am expecting a great scent throw.

I melted this in my Scentsationals wall plug-in warmer in my bathroom. I kind of just wanted a small area to try this in because if I did not like it I didn't want to 'stink' up my whole house. I melted half of this because the whole thing would be too much for this warmer. You will notice in the picture that it crumbled a bit. These are just a harder wax than most, so cutting these is dangerous. Be careful! I have a habit of slipping through the waxes too fast and getting myself. This day I was safe.

This filled the bathroom with that same sage/pine type scent for me. I really did not like the scent for some reason. Not for me. But it was very strong in just half the tart. This could fill a house I am sure. If you like
outdoorsy type scents this would be great for you. 

This is not a bad tart, it is just not for me. I will save the other half in case I get to do a swappy swap sometime. 

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Starlight Chandling Haul

I placed another order with StarlightChandling as I just could not wait. Donna is so nice and great with customer service. We have actually just been chit chatting a bit which is how it came up that my birthday was on Monday. Donna got my package shipped out so that I received it on my birthday and I am pretty sure that is why she spoiled me so much with the extras. Thanks Donna!

The scents I ordered were
Zombie Punch "A sassy, citrus blend of lemon, lime and orange juice, apricot and papaya nectars, and garnished with fresh pineapple slices." I ordered this because I loved the smell of that ADORABLE soap I got in my Heffernan's Craft Pumpkin Soap Haul. This is the same scent and I love it!

Secret Crush "A Victoria's Secret duplication. This fruity, flirty blend begins with notes of Macintosh apple, peach, tart plum, red raspberry, and Italian lemon oil. A classically floral heart of rose and jasmine leads to a sexy, long-lasting finish of musk and amber. Sensuous with a very pleasing aroma. You will fall in love." I just about fell over when I saw this! When this scent was discontinued I bought around 7 bottles of it. I literally just finished up my last bottle! Unfortunately this does not smell just like the body slash I own. On its own it is a great scent. I will update you when I burn it.

Red Maple Leaf "A pleasantly earthen scent reminiscent of woodland hikes atop crunchy, dried leaves. This beautiful fragrance has top notes of Maple-wood with middle notes of light New Dawn blossoms, laurel and sweet clove, balanced and rounded with base notes of balsam, patchouli and romantic sandalwood. " I really smell the leaves in this. They are perfect and this is a nice outdoor scent that isn't too much.

Kicken Caramel "The most scentsational caramel you'll ever try! Candle throw, both hot and cold, will fill a room in under 10 minutes with the most mouthwatering scent you've ever experienced. This scent just screams YUM! Creamy, chewy, smooth, sweet caramel." I just get a strong sweet scent. It is buttery. I cannot wait to melt this and see hw amazing it is!

Red Lipstick "A sassy scent that lives up to its name! Notes of dark sweet cherry, violet, sweet coumarin, pink raspberry, light brown sugar, cotton candy, sensual musk, and a hint of French crème and tonka bean. This fragrance is sweet, sassy and fun!" I smell a lot of cherry and I like it! Kind of romantic.

Mint Frost "Sweet creamy mint. Cool, fresh scent that will enhance the ambience of any room. " This smells just like a mint leaf! Not as sweet as I was hoping for but I know I will like it, especially for the winter months.

And my freebies were

An extra Secret Crush

Red Velvet Cake "The delectable aroma of freshly-baked red velvet cake. This fragrance begins with top notes of dark chocolate, strawberry syrup and red currant; followed by middle notes of cocoa powder, buttermilk and sugar cane; while sitting on base notes of creamy sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla extract." I am not a huge chocolate fan. I have a feeling my husband will love this though because I really get the chocolate cake scent.

Marshmallow Ambrosia. I got this as a freebie last time also. Smells yummy.

Vanilla Butter Fudge and Godiva Raspberry Truffles (White Chocolate). These two are not available in her shop and were packaged a little different so I believe they are scents she does not carry anymore.

These were extremely affordable and hopefully next time I can place a larger order. After your first order you get a code for 20% off future orders. Not only are they affordable already but then you add the code! With as many scents as she has you will find something you love for sure!

recommend checking this vendor out. So far I have been burning a few from my last order and I am in love. I am sure you will see another haul before long. Let me know if you try this Starlight Chandling and what you get!

Jordan Nicole

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Haul from Thebathinggarden

 Thebathinggarden currently has a TAT of 10 days so my order that I placed about 2 weeks ago just came. I was prepared to wait and I kept myself busy. However, when I knew it was out for delivery today I was so anxious to get it and open it up! I the 5 pack and picked out 2 Halloween scents, 2 (what I would consider) Holiday scents, and 1 random one that was new and I could not resist. Shannon, as always, sent a couple freebies too!

The freebies I got were Frosted Cake Bake  and Faerie Call. I could not find FCB on her site so it must not be available right now. This meant I couldn't get her scent description, but I believe this is like an almond cake. Smells very yummy. Faeire Call is described as "Fresh blackberries covered in clotted cream and topped with a layer of strawberry cotton candy." 
I could gather all but the cotton candy. Very sweet and creamy.

The Halloween scents I ordered were Haunted Hayride and Trick or Treat.
Haunted Hayride is supposed to smell like "Tart granny smith apples, caramel, cinnamon, pumpkin, and hints of hay." Mostly I get apples. Yummy juicy green apples with caramel and a slight bit of hay. Exactly, HAY!  Very interesting. I cannot wait to melt this

Trick or Treat is "A bottom layer of warm butterscotch candy topped with candy corn and drizzled with milk chocolate. " The bottom butterscotch is a little more liquor like than I would have hoped for, but I am hoping is calms down a bit when warmed. I don't get so much candy corn  but I do get the milk chocolate on the top.

Pistachio Almond Pudding and Frosted Fruit Cake are the two scents I would consider holiday for me. I am not into a lot of cinnamon and pine scents.
I was so excited to try the pudding scent because it reminded me of my Grandma's marshmallow salad she used to bring to family and Holiday functions. I actually blogged about this salad last month. Check it out HERE. Anyways it smells exactly like what you would think. So good!
The Frosted Fruit Cake is supposed to "Fruit, nuts, cake, and a drizzle of cream cheese frosting." I get a bakery type fruit scent. Not too strong. This is nice though because there is not any spice scent.
And the grand finale. This is the reason I ordered. Golden Ticket "A bottom layer of rich cheesecake is topped with creamy butterscotch. " I have lemon cheesecake from TBG and I LOVE it! The cheesecake scnet in that particular bar is AMAZING! Unfortunately this one let me down. The cheesecake was very light and not rich like the other at all. The butterscotch had that same alcohol scent as trick or treat. I just hope this one melts better than it smells right now.

Not my favorite haul from Shannon, but I have had great tarts and wonderful customer service in the past so I will be back. Just a bump in the lovely scented wax world road!

What are your favorite scents from this vendor?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Honey Butter Review by Country Home Scents

Honey Butter

Autumn time is upon us and I have a plethora of waxes to share. Let me begin with a little treat from one of my favorite vendors Country Home Scents. This is their Honey Butter scent which can be found in their autumn scents section on their site.

Country home scents describes this scent as "Rich butter cream and the sweetness of golden honey are combined to create this luscious aroma" and you can find it in the 'Autumn Scents' section on the site.
This tart is a bright yellow with tons of glitter, black and yellow round sprinkles and a cute little honey bee embed.

I melted this in my Scentsationals wall plug-in warmer in my bathroom. I could not gather a strong scent from this so I wanted to burn it in a smaller area. Most times I cut these little tarts in half but I just felt like melting the whole thing this day because I wanted the most true to the scent melt as I could get.

In cold throw my husband and I both agreed that we smelled something, but we were not sure what it was. We could not smell honey and we for sure did not smell butter. So what was it? I still do not know. It's a sweet smell. Almost like bread.

Now in warm throw, this is where I finally got it. I could very slightly smell the butter and the honey. However, I left the doors to the bathroom closed and when I walked in I was vaugly greeted with that sweet questionable scent. With my little nose close to the melted wax I gathered the idea, but as for the scent 'greeting', I was left confused. I understand that honey and butter are odd scents to reproduce correctly.

In the end, I was not in love. This is not one I will repurchase, But I did enjoy seeing the little honey  bee float around in the wax.

Have you tried Country Home Scents? Do you have a favorite wax?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Starlight Chandling Wax Melt Haul from Etsy

Here I go again with the wax. This blogging has really peaked my wax loving soul and helped me to discover new vendors. Here is one I learned about through Deb. Thanks again ;) 

The vendor is called Starlight Chandling and they are based on Etsy. She says she has been making candles for 10 years now and she is new Etsy. Infact so far the only feedback (as of when I am writing this) is from Deb and I. So very new. We will not hold that against her, everyone starts somewhere. 

When I first ordered she only had a few scents. Currently she has a TON more and I might just have to try some more out! I decided to go with 6 when I ordered. The great thing was how nice she was. She sells votives also and I saw a couple in scents I wanted in was tarts. I contacted her and she promptly made me a custom listing for the scent tarts I had asked for. These tarts are listed at a great price, especially if you really stock up because each additional item ships free after the initial $5.35. 

It did take 4 days for her to ship my item out. She did not have a TAT listed on her listings so I was antsy about that. But once they were in the mail they came pretty fast considering the holiday weekend. 

The 6 tarts I ordered were
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Sugar Corn Pudding
Marshmallow Ambrosia
Angel Heart
Salty Sea Air
Falling Leaves

She also included 3 freebies which was exciting! Freebies always are!

Oatmeal Scotchies
Raspberry Macaroon
German Chocolate Cake

So far off of just cold scent I am liking these a lot. They have nice scent, especially the raspberry macaroon. A couple I am confused about, but waxes are hit and miss and I will wait to judge when I start melting.

Any of these you would like to hear about first? 


Jordan Nicole

My Themed Entry from the old TheBathingGarden Contest!

 A couple months ago (I think) TheBathingGarden of etsy had a fun little contest where you got to design your own themed set of tarts. You could choose up to 5 tarts in each theme and you could enter up to 2 themes. A bunch of sets were chosen and then some individual tarts also. Unfortunately none of mine were chosen but I was very proud and excited about what I had come up with. I just had to share them so when I was clearing out old folders today on my computer and I came across my entries, I knew I must blog about it!

My first Collection was a video gamer collection. My husband and I are big gamers. He actually helped me with a few of the ideas. I wanted to keep this a classic gamer collection rather than get too in depth with newer games. I figured these were references most people would get.

Video Gamer Collection
Diddy Takes the Cake
Scent- This little monkey has been chasing bananas around far too long to have not finally gotten a taste. But he doesn't just want a banana. Let him eat cake! This scent would be a warm banana pudding cake scent. Strong notes of banana and vanilla with lighter notes of caramel and whipped cream.
Color- Bright yellow to match the bananas in the video game. Caramel color swirled on top and a little monkey embed and red sprinkles.

Save the Princess
Scent- The princess is always getting into trouble. Maybe it's her pleasing aroma. Sweet Honeydew kissed with pink sugared peaches. A floral/fruity scent. Very girlie and worthy of a hero.
Color- Bright pink to match Princess Peach's Dress. Lots of irridesent and yellow glitter with a tiny tiara embed.

Pac Man Fever
Scent- Chomp chomp. You will be wanting to eat this up. Oranges, apples, strawberries, and cherries! All of the little yellow guy's favorites power ups. Smells like fruit punch.
Color- Bright Yellow. With a black eye and a black triangle to make it look as if the tart is a pack man packed into a clam shell.

Frogger Takes a Dip
Scent-  This little froggy's bog has been his home for years, and everyone remembers the smell of home. Calming lilis, sandlewood and very very light pine. A peaceful, mountain escape away from the roaring roads.
Color- A cheerful froggy green, sprikled with glitter for the sparkling waters and little beads for the bubbling. With a fly embed.

My other collection was a nursery rhyme theme. I figured there was so much that could be done with nursery rhymes and they are something everyone is familiar with.

Nursery Rhymes
Little Miss Muffet
Scent- A bottom layer of Rich milk and cheese cake topped with black currant with a light splash of bergamot. A modern twist on the old time dish. Sweet and tart.
Color- Creamy white topped with deep purple, sprinkled with black and purple glitter and a spider embed.

Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake
Scent- Soft bread pudding, for baby and me. A blend of cinnamon, buttery apples, warm bread, and vanilla cake.
Color- Baby blue with a "B" on top.

Rock-a-bye Baby
Scent- Soft baby powder, warm milk, honey, and aloe. Soft and sweet like a new born baby wrapped in a warm blanket.
Color- Soft pink with a tiny baby bottle embed. Sprikled with baby blue glitter.

Twinkle twinkle little star
Scent- Bubbling champagne, dark roses, salty sea water, sandlewood, and musk. An incredibily sexy scent for a warm night under the twinkling stars.
Color- Very Dark purple (almost black) sprinkled with glitter and stars.

Did you participate in this contest? I would love to hear about your entries or even if you didn't enter, what you would have entered. It was sure fun to test the creative mind!

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Comforts of Home Palm Wax Tart Haul

Comforts of Home Palm Wax Haul

Deb at It's Always Something is a great help in making me want to spend money. ;) Thanks Deb! This last week she shared her haul from this vendor on Etsy. Comforts of Home makes palm wax melts. These palm tarts are so unique looking because the palm wax gives this fun crystalized look. Some thing different and an affordable price? I am in.

I placed a small order. Very small. I just wanted to try out these waxes and the vendor. Deb had also metioned some problems melting these in her t-light warmers, so I wanted to see what my electric warmers would do.

 I ordered 2 tarts and received  free one as a sample. I usually buy food scents, but thisvender does not have many. So here was my chance to branch out. I ordered two more floral or earthy scents. My sample was also a floral type. Score!

Well Being ~ a tranquil combination of Italian bergamot, eucalyptus leaves, zest of citrus, french lavender, lily of the valley, clary sage, nordic pine, clove buds and cool camphor. Simply relaxing.
I get alot of the lavender and ecalyptus. I really like this. It reminds me of a body wash I had when I was younger. Very calming.

Unfortunately I only got a couple hours of very light scent from this tart in my bedroom.

Purity ~ fresh lemon, lime and bergamot, set the tone followed by soft rose, lily of the valley and jasmine completed with amber and musk. An amazing scent! Fresh.
This smells just like laundry detergent. I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping for some stronger  citris. It is a nic clean scet, I just do not feel it matches the scent description at all.

I used this one in my living room because it seemed strong. Once again, only a couple hours of very light scent. Mostly only scent standing next to the warmer.

And my free sample was Positive Energies ~ fields of clover and freshly cut grass blended together with a hint of wisteria. An uplifting fragrance.
I think I am getting mostly wistera. I say "I think" because I do not know what wisteria smells like! New experiences here! Its kind of a sweet scent. Not too floral at all. I really like this. I was expecting more grassy scent, I do not get that but I am happy because I was a bit worried. My husband, however, says it smells like soap to him. I can kind of get that.

Melted I did not get a soapy scent. I didn't actually get a scent at all.

These were a complete let down. I do not know if it is the palm wax or if the vendor does not add enough scent. The waxes melted great in my electric warmers and when the wax cools and hardens it just slips right out of the plate, but I see no point in melting if I am not getting any scent.  I do not plan on buying form this vendor again. I am hoping to order some palm wax tarts from somewhere else.

Do you know any good vendors for palm wax?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1st Blogging!

Happy September!

We are finally nearing the end of summer and rearing into my FAVORITE time of the year! Seriously, I live for autumn. Chilled air, the smell of burning leaves, pumpkin patches, hay rides, apple/cinnamon/pumpkin scents in the scent warmers, the decorations come out, loads of sweets, watching my favorite horror movies over and over, and it all begins with my birthday! That is right! My birthday is September 10th! Now, I know that the official first day of fall is the 22nd this year. 12 days early is a great time to start celebrating, don't you think!? Never mind, let's start NOW!

Last year was a blast! Grant and I visited the old state pennnetentiary for a night time spooky event where we toured the old prison that once held some very dark and twisted inmates. I have gone and toured many times during the day, but let me tell you! The night time was incredible! Dark and scary and they had activities! I hope we get to go again this year!
Our First Dance

We also took a few trips to our local pumpkin patch like we always do. Last year we had to make extra trips to stock up on wedding supplies! Oh yeah, did I mention we got married last Novemeber!? 11-11-11 and it was a full on pumpkin and autumn themed occasion. It was beautiful! So this year will be 1 whole year of marriage and just 2 weeks after our wedding anniversary marks 6 years together. SIX YEARS!

6 years ago

Of course you have Halloween and Thanksgiving! We love to stock up on candy the day after Halloween when it goes half price. I also buy decorations the day after Halloween and Thanksgiving at super cheap prices. Somethings are even worth waiting for because stores mark them down weekly, or even daily, and you can get things for up to 90% off! STEALS! The funnest part about this is that I forget what I bought the year before because I buy it and put it in my autumn storage totes and try my best to forget about it until the next year. Then when I open it, surprises of plenty await!
I also made some great decorations last year that I am excited to pull out, take pictures, and share! DIY is always the best because it is usually cheaper, more personalized, and makes you feel a bit more accomplised and in the spirit. In fact, I have already made some this year! Did you get to see my adorable crochet candy corns!?

I also have tons of autumn and Halloween themed waxes I am burning and melting and sniffing and loving that I cannot wait to start telling you about on Wednesdays! There are actually so many, I might have to share 2 at a time! YES! Bonus waxes!

So finally here we are, September! I am excited to start sharing all my Autumn festivities and loves with you! What do you love about this time of year?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole