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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bathing Garden's Vintage Circus Review

Weekly Wax Review
Vintage Circus
Wednesdays just became the most fragrant day on this blog!

I love wax tarts. Let me say that first and foremost, I have a large collection and I have even created some myself. Walking into a beatifully scented room is one of my many loves in life. So when I melt a wax or burn a candle I want scent. I think my standards are pretty high for scent through, as well as everyone's should be.

I purchased some tarts from TheBathingGarden on Etsy and I absolutely loved most of them. They are decorated, highly scented waxes in a clamshell that will cost you around $3.50 each. Decent price to pay, especially if you purchase one of their tart bundles. I purcahsed the pack of 5 for $16, $21 after S&H. PLUS you will aways get a full sized freebie with purchase! I got 2!
One of the tarts I chose was Vintage circus.
Click here to check it out!

The Bathing Garden describes this tart as
"Blue cotton candy is layered over candy apples. Circus in a tart!"

It is a layered was tart with a purple base and a blue top sprinlked with heart shaped glitter and little blue beads. The description sounded wonderful and creative so I had to try it!

The top layer of blue cotton candy is very light. With my nose pressed to the unmelted block I get a very slight scent of sweet. It does not smell like obvious cotton candy but I do get a bit. The bottom layer of candy apple is a stronger scent. I have heard great things about their candy apple scent. In the cold throw I smell light notes of apple, but not familar apple like you would expect. Mostly from this I feel like I get a floral. Like apple blossoms and melted candy. Not what I was hoping for or expecting overall from this tart. It is a pleasant scent in itself, I just do not think if I smelled this blind I would gather what the idea is.

As for melting this lovely bar! I melted this is my scentsy warmer in our living room. I used 3 cubes since it is a bigger room. With most waxes 2 or 3 cubbes does great. For this wax I got a nice enough scent throughout the room. You could smell the faint floral notes I was talking about. The 'greeting' was nice.  Lasted a few days, being turned on most of the day and off at night. The scent was still in the wax so I saved it when I switched it out. I think I will try this in my bathroom next time, where it is a smaller area to fill. It is too light for a larger room I believe. I know the scent will still be that strange floral. I dont mind the scent, I was just disappointed it wasn't the sweet red sticky candy and apples wih fairy floss that I had hoped for.

Overall I think I would be interested in purchasing just the blue cotton candy tart from their shop. While the cotton candy is a light scent I believe in a larger amount it could be quite nice and I would like to try it in my bathroom.
Have you tried this scent? What were your thoughts?
<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole


  1. I have ordered from The Bathing Garden twice and the scents were so hit-or-miss for me. I wanted to love that shop, but I'm still undecided even after two orders. I might try again.


  2. if you like cheesecake they have the abosulte BEST of anyone. I love Lemon cheesecake!!!