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Monday, August 20, 2012

Jelly by Revlon Top Speed Monday Manicure

Revlon Top Speed Jelly
This bold pink color is exactly what it is named, Jelly. Well atleast it is supposed to be a jelly. I really do not understand jellies. I know they are supposed to appear jelly-like but I usually never get that appearance. I am not sure if I am not applying it right or what. It does not look the slightest translucent or glass like. It is however, very shiney. I the pictures I am not wearing a top coat.
Messy cuticles courtesy of working for a living ;)
Concerning the color, its very nice. A beautiful creamy fushia. I love this color for a bold look. I can see it being a great summer color to transition into fall with.
I like how the top speed polishes dry fast and hard. I am one that likes to wiggle around after I paint my nails. I don't sit still for long or atleast it seems once that last coat of polish goes on I get the ants in my pants! I love this polish and I am surprised I don't have more of them!
Do you like the Revlon Top Speed Polishes? Any tips or words of advice about jelly polishes?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

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