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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pop Melted Wax Right Out With No Cleanup!

 Super Easy Wax Cleanup!

I have been reading around on lots of blogs lately and I have noticed that some people talk about how easy a wax is to cleanup. Wax can be difficult to clean up and it is messy. I have spilled wax all over the bathroom before and had to let it dry and scrape it up. And wax in the carpet is a nightmare!

I don't worry about that anymore because for awhile I have been  using the freezer method to clean up my waxes! You literally just take the warming plate with the solid wax in it and place it in the freezer. 10 minutes will do, and it pops right out!

I love this because I burn my waxes in the day and turn them off at night. The next morning if I feel I need to replace the wax, I just put it in the freezer and then I have a clean dish to put the new wax in. No dripping, spilling, cleaning, and hassle. Pretty simple!

I have found that this works best with round shaped warmers. I have a square warmer from Scentsy and I have to get alittle tough with it sometimes. I have never had a problem with my round warmers. I even have used this with a tealight warmer a couple of times and it worked great.

Give it a try!

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole


  1. Yep, this is how I've always done it. Some of the softer waxes, or really oily ones might be a little stubborn until you get the edge of a plastic scraper or a butter knife under it enough to break the 'seal.' Then the pop right out.

    That palm wax that I just blogged about, slid right out without even having to put it in the freezer. That was cool!


  2. I really want to try that palm wax but I do not want to buy if it doesn't give off any scent. I might have to look around and see what is available :)

  3. That particular tart I tried was really lightly scented even in cold throw. The other two are closer to a normal cold throw strength.

    I just wonder if a light bulb warmer would melt it?


    1. Well them I will order when I get a chance and let you know, since I am a bulb warmer girl :)