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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Favoite Meals Part 1, Fried Chicken Dinner!

My favorite meal of all time stems from an old family favorite, tweaked to be more me! My dad always opted for a big hamburger steak, but since I have never been a huge fan of meats, I prefer something simple like chicken. My chicken requirements are pretty high though! Only boneless, skinless, chicken breast. I cannot stand to eat meat on a bone or pick through different colors. I need no surpises in my go to comfort meal so I also must have the ultimate yum yum. Who does not include mashed potatoes and gravey in their list of favorite foods (assuming you have that list, I'm sure it's not just me)? The best side for the comfort classic is obviously corn. Is that a veggie or a grain? It's a starch if you ask my mom. In fact most of this meal is a starch so not only is this meal my favoirte because its just darn good, I don't eat it very often to save myself some naughty food points. Another great part is that everything goes together, so I don't mind it touching.  My dad used to eat his version of this meal in a mixed mound. He would pile the potaoes and corn on the hamburger steak, then smother it in gravey.
Now I do not have exact measurement recipes, seeing as I just do what I want when cooking. But I will give you my closest guesses. In true Jordan Nicole spirit, I hope you tweak it to your own liking. Let me know if you do! Let's get cooking!

Mashed Red Potatoes
I like to think of these as my "Ariel Party Potatos". Reason being, by best childhood friend told me of a huge pot of mashed potatoes her friends and her made one late night after a blastin party. Her name is Ariel and these potatos are perfect just like her!

1 5 Ilb Bag of Red Potatos (washed and cubed, do not peel)
1 stick of butter
Evaporated Milk to the consistancy you like

Boil a LARGE pot of water, add potatoes and cook for 20 minutes. Longer is always better because with mashed potatoes you cannot make them too soft. To prevent boil over place a wooden spoon across the pot of water. Stir occationally.
Once potatoes are cooked, drain and put into a LARGE bowl. Mash away. I like to use an electric beater. I love the smell it gives off when spinning potatoes in a glass bowl. Reminds me of Thanksgiving. Now add your stick of softened butter and slowly pour in milk until it becomes your desired thickness. I like mine smooth! There is no need for salt because you will have the gravey. I actually think the potatoes are great on their own.  

My First Family Country Chicken Gravey
The title comes from the fact that this is the first recipe I put in Grant and I's family recipe vault, which is my head. I created it and, in the words of my loving husband, "you make the best gravey I have ever had." Its a mix of country style gravey and chicken broth gravey. Mmmmm Yummers!

1 can chicken broth
1 cup milk
2 tbs butter
3 tbs flour
1 tbs parsley flakes
Salt and pepper to taste

In a very hot pan, melt your butter and add the flour to make a roux. Add in the milk about a 1/4 cup at a time, whisking until it becomes thick each time. Right now you have a country gravey base. This is when I usually add my parsley. Now start slowly adding in chicken broth, making sure it thickens. I like to let it bubble up then I add, whisk, repeat. Add salt and pepper to taste. I like 5 shakes of salt and 10-15 shakes of pepper.
A little hint if you cannot get your gravey to thicken (even I cannot do it sometimes) is to mix about 1/2 a tablesppon of cornstarch with 1/2 tablespoon of water in a separate bowl (I actually use a drinking glass because that is what my mom always did) and slowly stir it into the bubbling gravey. Should work like a charm!

Sweetie Corn
Not that anybody needs a recipe for corn, but its part of the meal!
I just use a bag of frozen corn or a couple can of whole kernal corn. Then add a couple table spoons of butter while heating. A sprinkly of sugar across the top and salt and pepper to taste. Its sweet, salty, and savory. Perfect corn!

Fried Chicken
First off, you MUST thaw your chicken first. Don't you even pretend that you can do it with frozen chicken! I had done it many times safely, but you need to know that adding frozen water (yes there is water in chicken) to boiling oil causes a HUGE fire hazard!!! I know this because I lit my entire stove on fire doing something I have done many times! The second I droped the frozen chicken into the hot oil it Burst into HUGE flames, the house flooded with smoke, I could not see or breathe, the fire alarms were going crazy, the first thing I did was grab the extuinguisher and yank the towels from the oven door so they would not catch fire, but I paniced and couldn't get the fire extuingisher to work, and the dogs were displeased to say the least. My poor oven hood was black. It was tramitic and thank goodness the fire died down just seconds after igniting. Just BE SAFE!
I have to add this side note! My grandmother was the queen of the fire alarm. We all just figured she thought it was a timer. My dad actually prefers food burnt because that is how he grew up eating it. When my grandmother passed away we had a quiet and sweet funeral with lots of friends and family. My older cousins are all funny guys and someone felt the need to lighten the mood. So grandma was remembered in the nice quiet church with the blaring noise of a fire alarm being sounded! Classic and I will always remember everyone being able to laugh for that moment. While grandma caused a bunch of noise while cooking, she did not recommend causing fires. I couldn't help but think of her while I was waving a dish towel at the fire alarm trying to silence it.
 Okay now that I have relived the awful experience of almost burning out home down and shared my grandma's special ingredient, let's cook!

Your own ammount of THAWED chicken
Seasoning salt
Parsley flakes

Basically I just make it with my eyes as my measurements. But its probably close to like 10 parts flour, 1 part parsley flakes, 1/2 part seasoning salf, and 1/2 part pepper. 
Now you fry it. In a pan or in a deep fryer. The oil should be 360 and 5 minutes with submerged chicken should cook it. You probably have your own method to fry so I ask you to do it your own way because I am no expert on frying, nor do I want to be after my on fire. Make sure you open the largest piece up and check to be sure it is cooked. 

I drizzle some of the gravey over my chicken, pour myself a big glass of milk and enjoy!
What is your favorite meal? Do you eat this meal also? Let me know what you think!

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole


  1. YUM! I'm so hungry now. I've gotten spoiled over the years and now prefer the boneless, skinless breasts. I'm not very good at picking the bones clean when we have 'regular' chicken so when it's available I go for the trouble-free breasts.

    We usually have them with rice/soup mix. 1 can of cream soup (cheese soup is good), 1 can milk, mixed and brought just to a boil. Add two cups instant rice, stir, cover, let sit 5-7 minutes until liquid is thickened/absorbed and rice is soft.


    1. That sounds good. I will be trying it! Thank you.