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Monday, August 20, 2012

Julep September Boxes Released!

Image Rights to Julep.com
The Julep Maven program is a monthly subscription nail program offered by http://www.julep.com that I have been with for a few months now. I have received a couple boxes and passed on a couple boxes. This month I am TORN! What to do? The colors are...wait for it...ALL CREMES! And since you might not know why I am shouting I will tell you, THE JULEP CREMES ARE AMAZING! They have teamed up Trina Turk to produce a line that is as bold as her.
Image Rights to Julep.com

Now I am the "Classic with a Twist" style profile and this month it comes with a mascara, a black, and a light mushroom color. They are fine but I want something BOLD! So I went and looked at the other style profiles since you can switch to ensure you get what you want. Now I have no idea what to get! The "It Girl" box comes with an amazing light neutral and a lovely yellow, but I have WAAAAAY too many red polishes and I do not even wear them. So pretty sigh*

Then I saw the "Boho Glam" box. It comes with a bold creme Kelly green and almost an electric blue! I love both of those colors for nails even though they are not in my  list of favorite colors at all. I was mostly swoon by the blue since I have been wanting a bold blue creme after watching the Olympics. Did you see Keri Walsh's red and blue nails? I have tried to research what brand she was wearing because I find it crazy she was able to play volleyball and keep her polish on. Especially with how hard those girls play. So the box has a color I have been wanting, but it comes with that mascara and honestly I think I am done trying new mascaras. Theya re such a risk. I have 2 different ones that I love and I can trust will not break off my eyelashes, flake off, or run down my face...I do not have a green creme though... (crazy right!? It is such a basic color!)

I am still unsure what to do. I might just have to skip the month again. I do have tons of nail polish as it is. Choices!

Are you signed up with Julep Maven? What box would you pick?

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