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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Heffernan's Craft Pumpkin Soap Haul

Heffernan's Little Craft Shop Haul!
I like to keep different little soaps by the sinks in my house because I think the soaps add decoration and I am a decorating fool. With my love of pumpkins I have no clue why I do not own any pumpkin soaps! But I realized my mistake recently, and promptly on got on etsy. I came across this shop and ordered from them because I found they had what I wanted for the best price. I wanted a multiple soaps so that I could put them at all the sinks in my home. I wanted smaller soaps because i usually have 2 or more soaps in one soap dish, I must have variety. And I also wanted different colors because, like I said, I must have variety! The scent was not my main concern at all. It is soap, and if I want my hands scented I have other soaps and lotions for that. However, since the scents were there I requested a couple different scents I was wanting to try.
Perfect size

Teresa who runs Heffernan's Crafts was so helpful. She made my custom order right away and even sent it out with an extra little sample. Her customer service was great and polite. Enough to make me want to come back for all my little shaped soap needs!

So the bundle I got cost $4 plus $2.50 in s&h. Great price to get exactly what I wanted. These litle soaps came and I love them. They are what I had in mind and I cannot wait to place them around the house! Like I said, I was not too concerned with th scents but I will share with you the scents I got and the smell I get from them.

First off is Whipped Pumpkin Mousse.  I get a sweet pumpkin and spice scent. I really like this one a lot. It is decently strong also.
Warm Vanilla sugar is a great strong vanilla scent. Vanilla iis pretty simple and most everyone knows what to expect. No surprises here.
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. I actually just get a soap smell from this one. No worries for me, but if you are interested in this scent I would recommend you choose a different one from this vendor. I really do not even get any cinnamon scent. It's a cute little orange pumpkin, so I am happy.
Zombie Punch! This was one of the ones I asked for because it sounded fun. it is fruit and smells like fruit punch. I love this one and it is my favorite of the scents. This scent I would buy just for the scent. Bonus excitement!

So those are the adorable little soaps I got. If you have any other questions feel free to ask away. Have a happy autumn!

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole


  1. I thought these were tarts at first, and got really excited. LOL!

    Those are so cute. I saw a bunch of other cute things in her shop too, particularly the pumpkin with the witch hat soap.


    1. Wouldn't it be great if they were tarts! That is a cute idea lol