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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Glamourdolleyes Haul and Swatches Featuring, Blogger, Circus, and Main Collection Pigment Eyeshadows

credit to glamourdolleyes

So I made another order from http://glamourdolleyes.com/ a bit ago, before I stopped my youtube channel in fact. I planned on doing a video but since that has all changed I just gathered my self up and decided that there is no reason I cannot so these gorgeous colors on my blog!

So I bought 10 shadows. 4 from the blogger collection, 2 from the circus, and 2 from the main collection. I always buy the $2.50 sample size jars because it's just me using them and that is plenty.
 My friend on youtube, Joelle (http://www.youtube.com/user/gleamogirljoelle), got to help design one of the blogger colors so I just had to check it out in person! Plus the circus collection finally came back in stock and I had been waiting for a couple for the colors. So let's get to the pictures! There are a lot of them, so please excuse the cluttered appearance. Swatch swatch swatch! (Please note these are swatched first wet then dry)

If you would like to have me review any of these colors more in depth I would sure love to. :)

First from the Blogger Collection is Sparkler

 Sparkler is a rosy pink with silver sparkles. Might shine a bit of orange undertone depending on the light. This color was named and inspired bythatgirlshaexoThis shadow is NOT vegan. -Glamourdolleyes
This is a pretty shimmer yet simple. I love that it is red, yet it can become a neutral so easily. Goes great with browns!
 Soul Sisters is a light tan with purple and blue sparkle. This color was named and inspired by gleamogirljoelle and rusticcomfortThis shadow is NOT vegan. -Glamourdolleyes
The sparkles in this remind me of irridesant glitter. I love them! The base color is soft and perfect for an all over the lid color.
 Going Green is bright yellow, almost chartreuse with green sparkles and a slight green duochrome. This color was named and inspired bycosmeticcouturier. -Glamourdolleyes
If you need a chartreuse color, here it is! WOW is this bright! Such a great color to line your uppper lash line and add a pop of flash!
 Mackinac (pronounced mak-in-aw) is mint sea foam green with red sparkle. This color was named and inspired by jess FACE90.  -Glamourdolleyes
This is by far my favorite I ordered. I LOVE to wear it in my inner corner. Such a surprising color. Reminds me of pistachio pudding.

Now for the circus collection colors I bought!
 Oddity is a very unique blend of shimmer and matte. This is a lime green but almost looks duochrome as well! This color was named and inspired by myeyeshadowisodd. -Glamoourdolleyes
I had been wating to get this color. It is like a monster green. When you see it you will understand why I say that. It is very unnique, you will not find something else like like in your collection.

Big Top - mimicking canvas tents, this medium toned yellow with red shimmer ties together the traditional colors of the circus all in one. -Glamourdolleyes
I love warm tones and the idea of red glitter in yellow was perfect for me. I wish there would have been more red to this color, but the yellow base is fantastic.

 Finally the regular collection colors.

Electric Lemonade* is a vivid yellow with medium sheen. -Glamourdolleyes
JUst a bright yellow.That is about all I can say. I prefer this one wet because when it is dry I hardly get any color which you can see in the swatch.

 FrankenGlamour is an almost lime green with gold undertone. This color offers more of a sheen than shimmer. This color was part of the 2010 Halloween Set 1. -Glamourdolleyes
Golden green! I love this! Once again I wear this in my inner corner and I have gotten so many people saying "ooo I like that!". Very beautiful. I suggest this one!

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