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Monday, August 13, 2012

Daphne by Julep Monday Manicure

Julep Daphne

This color came in my July Julep Maven box which I had forgot to say no to. I would not have picked this box and especially not this color. However, here it sits on my coffee tables and painted on my nails. I thought about giving it away to someone...anyone! Then I figured, "Hey ordan, it's a Julep Cream (My favorite finish from them) and you might love it. Swatch swatch swatch!
Daphne is descriped by Julep.com as a "Fresh seafoam green creme". Fresh?  It seems a bit dull. When I think 'fresh' I think spring time, flowers, laundry soap scents. Seafoam? I think more of a light mint. Green? Okay Julep, you can have that...I guess.

I think of this color more as a smokey Tiffany blue. Perhaps the staff at Julep were at a loss for what to call this color. I think it looks like when you mixed two colors together that you thought would be beautiful and it turns out a murky-off color.
Enough of complaining about how its not my color! I wore it, it was fine. It took two coats to get a good solid color (usually I find Julep only take 1 coat with their cream, thus why I love them). As always I beleive Julep is a good brand. This color just was not for me. Is it your style? I need to know who loves this color!

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

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