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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crochet Candy Corn Decorations

Crochet Candy Corns
I saw these while surfing the internet and fell in love. I love all things Autumn and candy corn is perfefctly reminesant of October. After drooling for a bit I begged a friend of mine to make me some. She has a little etsy store where she makes tons of cute things and I knew shey could do it. However, she is pretty busy and she assured and encouraged me I could do it.
Her shop here...http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheMakingsofaMommy
 So I searched for a video and off I went.
I have not crocheted for atleast 3 years and when I did I just made scarves. They were not great, I droped stiches all the time, and they were uneven. Needless to say I was unsure and a beginner to boot! The video I found was amazing and as you see, I DID IT!!!!
 I have made 5 now and they take me probbaly 40 minutes a piece, but I did it and I love them! I just had to share the video becasue this woman is amazing at helping you to understand and learn.

Now I did not think her white was quite enough so I continued my white a bit more. I also switched it up a bit because I am bad at counting the stiches while I am going. It is probably because I am watching Netflix or talking to the dogs while I am doing it. But my basic rules are:
White, just like hers only add a row or two. Just until it looks right and I have 12 loops.
Orange, I do 5 rows and add atleast 1 stich every row so that it get larger. I actually add more stiches but I don't have a pattern to it. By the end of the 5th row I just want to have around 24-26 stiches.
Yellow, I want to make 4 rows and end with around 32 stiches. So, again I just add one or so a row. Then I stich half closed like the video shows, over stuff it (because I loved over stuffed) and stich the rest closed.
Easy as PIE! Now it might take you a time or two. My first one was terrible (see it to the right next to my second one)
But after that one I had it and they have all looked great Not extactly the same everytime but Iike the variation and they are all roughly the same size.
These are going to look so cute sitting in a bowl on my table for the Autumn months! My hope is someone will think they are real ;)
I also plan on making some with brown instead of yellow for the Indian Corn effect.
Let me know if you try these! Any DIY decrations you love to do for the fall?
<3 Luvs!
Jordan Nicole


  1. Those turned out so cute! I love the Indian Corn idea too!

  2. Oh, those are cute! My mom crochets. I wonder if she would make some for me. Hmmmmm! And I like the Indian corn idea too.

    Yep, I also LOVE all things fall.


    1. You could do it yourself I bet! :) I managed!