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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Almond Cherry Amaretto by Country Home Scents

Almond Cherry Amaretto
This little tart came in my latest order from Country Home Scents, despite having wanted it since I started ordering from this vendor. I kept picking other things over it. I guess I just knew exactly what this would smell like. I knew I would love it, but I wanted to be surprised. Well I got it this time and I am happy I finally did it!

CHS describes this tart as...Almond Cherry Amaretto...A pairing of lush cherries and rich vanilla blend together to make this "intoxicating" scent!" This is a tan tart with red and white glitter on top. You can find this in the bakery scents section of their website.

Cold throw I knew exactly that this was what I waited for! Such a great scent! I actually think they named this Almond Cherry instead of Cherry Almond because I get a lot of almond, even despite cherry being such a powerful scent. These scents really blend nicely. I love almond scents and cherry scents. I am not exactly sure why this is considered a bakery scent to CHS, but non the less I love it!

I melted this is my Scentsy warmer in my living room because I could tell this was going to be a strong one. I was very right. This one had to roblem filling the large living room and more! Bright bursting red sweet and tart cherries and nutty, warm, and delicious almond. I really love this scent! It is strong and lasted the 3 days I had it in my warmer (I turn them off at night). It was not so much a lingering scent, but I like that so that it doesn't mix with my new scent when I replace the wax.

I would recommend this scent. It is strong and lasting. Perfect for end of summer/fall I think. Whcih is great because here we are, nearing fall. Ready? Set? Go for it!

What do you think of cherry and almond scents?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole!


  1. This does sound yummy. I love cherry scents, but don't cherry and almond tend to smell similar?

    I haven't ordered from CHS in a while. Maybe I'll get some of my Christmas scents from there.


    1. You can clearly smell the difference between the cherry and the almond. I think a reason why we tend to think they smell alike is because they are paired so often. But I have had some almond scents that didn't smell like cherry at all.
      This one is a must try.