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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Heffernan's Craft Pumpkin Soap Haul

Heffernan's Little Craft Shop Haul!
I like to keep different little soaps by the sinks in my house because I think the soaps add decoration and I am a decorating fool. With my love of pumpkins I have no clue why I do not own any pumpkin soaps! But I realized my mistake recently, and promptly on got on etsy. I came across this shop and ordered from them because I found they had what I wanted for the best price. I wanted a multiple soaps so that I could put them at all the sinks in my home. I wanted smaller soaps because i usually have 2 or more soaps in one soap dish, I must have variety. And I also wanted different colors because, like I said, I must have variety! The scent was not my main concern at all. It is soap, and if I want my hands scented I have other soaps and lotions for that. However, since the scents were there I requested a couple different scents I was wanting to try.
Perfect size

Teresa who runs Heffernan's Crafts was so helpful. She made my custom order right away and even sent it out with an extra little sample. Her customer service was great and polite. Enough to make me want to come back for all my little shaped soap needs!

So the bundle I got cost $4 plus $2.50 in s&h. Great price to get exactly what I wanted. These litle soaps came and I love them. They are what I had in mind and I cannot wait to place them around the house! Like I said, I was not too concerned with th scents but I will share with you the scents I got and the smell I get from them.

First off is Whipped Pumpkin Mousse.  I get a sweet pumpkin and spice scent. I really like this one a lot. It is decently strong also.
Warm Vanilla sugar is a great strong vanilla scent. Vanilla iis pretty simple and most everyone knows what to expect. No surprises here.
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. I actually just get a soap smell from this one. No worries for me, but if you are interested in this scent I would recommend you choose a different one from this vendor. I really do not even get any cinnamon scent. It's a cute little orange pumpkin, so I am happy.
Zombie Punch! This was one of the ones I asked for because it sounded fun. it is fruit and smells like fruit punch. I love this one and it is my favorite of the scents. This scent I would buy just for the scent. Bonus excitement!

So those are the adorable little soaps I got. If you have any other questions feel free to ask away. Have a happy autumn!

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Almond Cherry Amaretto by Country Home Scents

Almond Cherry Amaretto
This little tart came in my latest order from Country Home Scents, despite having wanted it since I started ordering from this vendor. I kept picking other things over it. I guess I just knew exactly what this would smell like. I knew I would love it, but I wanted to be surprised. Well I got it this time and I am happy I finally did it!

CHS describes this tart as...Almond Cherry Amaretto...A pairing of lush cherries and rich vanilla blend together to make this "intoxicating" scent!" This is a tan tart with red and white glitter on top. You can find this in the bakery scents section of their website.

Cold throw I knew exactly that this was what I waited for! Such a great scent! I actually think they named this Almond Cherry instead of Cherry Almond because I get a lot of almond, even despite cherry being such a powerful scent. These scents really blend nicely. I love almond scents and cherry scents. I am not exactly sure why this is considered a bakery scent to CHS, but non the less I love it!

I melted this is my Scentsy warmer in my living room because I could tell this was going to be a strong one. I was very right. This one had to roblem filling the large living room and more! Bright bursting red sweet and tart cherries and nutty, warm, and delicious almond. I really love this scent! It is strong and lasted the 3 days I had it in my warmer (I turn them off at night). It was not so much a lingering scent, but I like that so that it doesn't mix with my new scent when I replace the wax.

I would recommend this scent. It is strong and lasting. Perfect for end of summer/fall I think. Whcih is great because here we are, nearing fall. Ready? Set? Go for it!

What do you think of cherry and almond scents?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

China Glaze Trendsetter Polish Review

China Glaze Trendsetter Monday Manicure
One coat
This color was part of the China Glaze 2011 Fall collection but I think I will be wearing it quite a bit this year. I just had to share it. If you have not seen this color, it appears to be...dare I say it, a baby poop greenish color. But when applied to the nail it is a beautiful, neutral, golden color. I remind me of a true gold, with green undertones.

Two coats
I like that I can throw this on quickly with just one coat and get a great color. I took pictures of one and two coats so you could see. Chian Glaze is one of my very favorite brands. You can get great deals on them at Sally's and they have such a huge selection of colors. This color will be a go to for me this fall, for a second year in a row.

Like most China Glaze this has decent wear. I have a hard time with polish but it goes a few days with light chips. It has a tiny shimmer grain to it so that helps it stay on. Grainy polishes are stubborn!

How do you feel about this color? Tried it?

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Pop Melted Wax Right Out With No Cleanup!

 Super Easy Wax Cleanup!

I have been reading around on lots of blogs lately and I have noticed that some people talk about how easy a wax is to cleanup. Wax can be difficult to clean up and it is messy. I have spilled wax all over the bathroom before and had to let it dry and scrape it up. And wax in the carpet is a nightmare!

I don't worry about that anymore because for awhile I have been  using the freezer method to clean up my waxes! You literally just take the warming plate with the solid wax in it and place it in the freezer. 10 minutes will do, and it pops right out!

I love this because I burn my waxes in the day and turn them off at night. The next morning if I feel I need to replace the wax, I just put it in the freezer and then I have a clean dish to put the new wax in. No dripping, spilling, cleaning, and hassle. Pretty simple!

I have found that this works best with round shaped warmers. I have a square warmer from Scentsy and I have to get alittle tough with it sometimes. I have never had a problem with my round warmers. I even have used this with a tealight warmer a couple of times and it worked great.

Give it a try!

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Friday, August 24, 2012

Country Style Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

Country Style Chicken and Dumplings
My mother is a great cook. She was always making the most delicioius comfort food! One of the biggest hits (especially with my husband) is her dumplings. What I love about these is that I cannot seem to come across a recipe like this online. 
 My mother usually did not cook with an exact recipe. Most of it was memory and she is great at replicating dishes. I have made these a few times on my own and I think I have my own recipe down. My dumplings are not exactly like hers.

You need 
2 boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into bit sized pieces
3 tbs butter
1/4 cup flour
1/4 of an onion
1 can of corn and 1 can of peas and carrots or 1 bag of mixed veggies
1 can chicken broth
1 can cream of chicken
1/2 cup of sour cream
Milk (two of the soup can's worth)
1-2 cans of biscuits
You can opt for beef broth, 1 pound ground beef, and cream of muchroom for beef dumplings.

Start by sauteing the chicken and onions in a large pot on medium. Once it cooked through add butter and melt. Then add your flour to make a roux. At this point you have a really  nice creamy chicken gravey!

Next I add the chicken broth and whisk until smooth. Continue on medium heat. Allow to thicken a bit. Next I add the cream of chicken and then 2 cans worth of milk. Allow this to thicken again before adding the sour cream. Then add in the drained veggies. My mother always made this with froze veggies but...I am not a fan of the  green beans and I do not like to have to pick them out. Don't get me wrong! I love green beans. French cut is the only way to go! Those frozen ones are just yucky!
Before Steaming
You can add salt and pepper to taste at this point if you would like. I like to add quite a bit of pepper and not much salt. Let the mixture warm until it starts to lightly bubble and steam. This is when you add the dumplings. You can just add one can but we really like the dumpling part so I added two cans of small 10 count biscuits. Just lightly sit them in on the mixture and cover. Cook for 20 minutes. 

After Steaming! Magic or just cooking?
They should expand ,They will not brown like you are used to, but if you want to make sure they are cooked just open one up. It should be light of fluffy.
This is so delicious and it is a full meal in a pot. Good stuff! You can always make your own changes of course. Let me know if you try this out! Do you have a dumpling recipe?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bathing Garden's Vintage Circus Review

Weekly Wax Review
Vintage Circus
Wednesdays just became the most fragrant day on this blog!

I love wax tarts. Let me say that first and foremost, I have a large collection and I have even created some myself. Walking into a beatifully scented room is one of my many loves in life. So when I melt a wax or burn a candle I want scent. I think my standards are pretty high for scent through, as well as everyone's should be.

I purchased some tarts from TheBathingGarden on Etsy and I absolutely loved most of them. They are decorated, highly scented waxes in a clamshell that will cost you around $3.50 each. Decent price to pay, especially if you purchase one of their tart bundles. I purcahsed the pack of 5 for $16, $21 after S&H. PLUS you will aways get a full sized freebie with purchase! I got 2!
One of the tarts I chose was Vintage circus.
Click here to check it out!

The Bathing Garden describes this tart as
"Blue cotton candy is layered over candy apples. Circus in a tart!"

It is a layered was tart with a purple base and a blue top sprinlked with heart shaped glitter and little blue beads. The description sounded wonderful and creative so I had to try it!

The top layer of blue cotton candy is very light. With my nose pressed to the unmelted block I get a very slight scent of sweet. It does not smell like obvious cotton candy but I do get a bit. The bottom layer of candy apple is a stronger scent. I have heard great things about their candy apple scent. In the cold throw I smell light notes of apple, but not familar apple like you would expect. Mostly from this I feel like I get a floral. Like apple blossoms and melted candy. Not what I was hoping for or expecting overall from this tart. It is a pleasant scent in itself, I just do not think if I smelled this blind I would gather what the idea is.

As for melting this lovely bar! I melted this is my scentsy warmer in our living room. I used 3 cubes since it is a bigger room. With most waxes 2 or 3 cubbes does great. For this wax I got a nice enough scent throughout the room. You could smell the faint floral notes I was talking about. The 'greeting' was nice.  Lasted a few days, being turned on most of the day and off at night. The scent was still in the wax so I saved it when I switched it out. I think I will try this in my bathroom next time, where it is a smaller area to fill. It is too light for a larger room I believe. I know the scent will still be that strange floral. I dont mind the scent, I was just disappointed it wasn't the sweet red sticky candy and apples wih fairy floss that I had hoped for.

Overall I think I would be interested in purchasing just the blue cotton candy tart from their shop. While the cotton candy is a light scent I believe in a larger amount it could be quite nice and I would like to try it in my bathroom.
Have you tried this scent? What were your thoughts?
<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Monday, August 20, 2012

Jelly by Revlon Top Speed Monday Manicure

Revlon Top Speed Jelly
This bold pink color is exactly what it is named, Jelly. Well atleast it is supposed to be a jelly. I really do not understand jellies. I know they are supposed to appear jelly-like but I usually never get that appearance. I am not sure if I am not applying it right or what. It does not look the slightest translucent or glass like. It is however, very shiney. I the pictures I am not wearing a top coat.
Messy cuticles courtesy of working for a living ;)
Concerning the color, its very nice. A beautiful creamy fushia. I love this color for a bold look. I can see it being a great summer color to transition into fall with.
I like how the top speed polishes dry fast and hard. I am one that likes to wiggle around after I paint my nails. I don't sit still for long or atleast it seems once that last coat of polish goes on I get the ants in my pants! I love this polish and I am surprised I don't have more of them!
Do you like the Revlon Top Speed Polishes? Any tips or words of advice about jelly polishes?

<3 LUVS!
Jordan Nicole

Julep September Boxes Released!

Image Rights to Julep.com
The Julep Maven program is a monthly subscription nail program offered by http://www.julep.com that I have been with for a few months now. I have received a couple boxes and passed on a couple boxes. This month I am TORN! What to do? The colors are...wait for it...ALL CREMES! And since you might not know why I am shouting I will tell you, THE JULEP CREMES ARE AMAZING! They have teamed up Trina Turk to produce a line that is as bold as her.
Image Rights to Julep.com

Now I am the "Classic with a Twist" style profile and this month it comes with a mascara, a black, and a light mushroom color. They are fine but I want something BOLD! So I went and looked at the other style profiles since you can switch to ensure you get what you want. Now I have no idea what to get! The "It Girl" box comes with an amazing light neutral and a lovely yellow, but I have WAAAAAY too many red polishes and I do not even wear them. So pretty sigh*

Then I saw the "Boho Glam" box. It comes with a bold creme Kelly green and almost an electric blue! I love both of those colors for nails even though they are not in my  list of favorite colors at all. I was mostly swoon by the blue since I have been wanting a bold blue creme after watching the Olympics. Did you see Keri Walsh's red and blue nails? I have tried to research what brand she was wearing because I find it crazy she was able to play volleyball and keep her polish on. Especially with how hard those girls play. So the box has a color I have been wanting, but it comes with that mascara and honestly I think I am done trying new mascaras. Theya re such a risk. I have 2 different ones that I love and I can trust will not break off my eyelashes, flake off, or run down my face...I do not have a green creme though... (crazy right!? It is such a basic color!)

I am still unsure what to do. I might just have to skip the month again. I do have tons of nail polish as it is. Choices!

Are you signed up with Julep Maven? What box would you pick?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grandma Carol's Pistachio Salad Recipe

Grandma Carol's Pistacio Salad

Growing up my Grandma Carol would bring this salad to family gatherings and it was well known with my cousins. We would usually request it of grandma. It is so simple, in fact I have seen a similar recipe on the box of pistacio pudding before. It's easy, most people have probably had it, in fact you probably know it by another name, and it is not a secret recipe by any means. However, it reminds me of my grandma so I wanted to share it. 

You can make this with just 4 ingredients for under $4!

The ingredients are:
1 box of pistacio pudding mix
1 tub of cool whip
1 8 oz. can of crushed pineapple
1 bag of mini marshmallows
Optional pistacio nuts crushed (I didn't use them this day)

The instructions are simple, add it all together! I mix everything but the marshmallows in together then slowly fold the marshmallows about 1/4th of the bag at a time. I also like to save a handfull of marshmallows for the top. If you would like to add the crushed pistacios, you would just mix them in with the first ingredients. 

Let the mixture chill for around an hour. Then it is all ready to take to any family get together! It should be a hit!
I made this on this day for a family get together. They are pretty big deals in my family considering how many people are in our family. To get them all in one place is no small task! I have officially become responsible for bringing Grandma's Pistacio Salad now. I am honored! 

Grandma even gave me the bowl a few years ago. She came to eat a holiday dinner when Grant and I had first moved out and I requested she bring this. She brought in this bowl and told me it was a gift and I could keep it. So it is my bowl for this particular salad. 

You could do this with many different combinations also! Chocolate pudding and a can of cherry pie filling or cheesecake pudding and frozen raspberries. Can you think of any combinations?

Have you ever had this type of salad? What do you call it?

<3 LUVS!

Jordan Nicole

Friday, August 17, 2012

Country Home Scents Decorative Wax Tart Haul

I placed an order with the wonderful http://www.countryhomescent.com/ again. As usual I am in love! These tarts are not only perfect for display, but they have such great scent for the most part. The wax is perfectly soft and I really love that not all of the scents are as they came out of the bottle. At CHS they make some custom blends also that you cannot find on other sites.

This is a pretty huge haul that I have for you so I am going to break it down into sections. I bought a bunch of the Autumn Scents, the whole Halloween Collection, Some Bakery, and then a bunch of other little random ones. That is how I will catagorize them for simplicity.
Let me know which ones you would like to hear about. I plan on featuring these, and many other vendors, in my weekly wax melt reviews coming up.  Lets go!

Cinnamon Buns
Almond Cherry Almadredo
Morning Mocha
Warm Orange Danish
Royal Cake
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin
Caramelized Pralines
Banana Nut Muffins
Toasty Marshmallows
Caramel Latte
Buttermilk Pancakes

Pumpkin and Pralines
Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Pumpkin Crunch Cake
Pumpkin Marshmallows
Marshmallow Candy Corn Fluff
Brown Sugared Chestnuts
Frosted Cranberries
Carmel Apple

All Hallow's Eve
Crazy Candy Corn
Trick or Treat
Witches Brew

Fruity Loops
Buttered Popcorn
Ripe Raspberries
Little Black Dress
Country Garden
Hummingbird Happiness
Tropical Breeze
Snuggle Baby
Bubblegum Madness
Pink Raspberry Lemonade
Summer Days

You can find scent descriptions on their website and tons of other adorable tarts!
I am loaded for the time being but I also plan on making another order for the holidays to get all the Christmas type scents. Check them out and give me some ideas of others to order!
Have you tried these waxes? Whcih one would you want to try?
Jordan Nicole

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Glamourdolleyes Haul and Swatches Featuring, Blogger, Circus, and Main Collection Pigment Eyeshadows

credit to glamourdolleyes

So I made another order from http://glamourdolleyes.com/ a bit ago, before I stopped my youtube channel in fact. I planned on doing a video but since that has all changed I just gathered my self up and decided that there is no reason I cannot so these gorgeous colors on my blog!

So I bought 10 shadows. 4 from the blogger collection, 2 from the circus, and 2 from the main collection. I always buy the $2.50 sample size jars because it's just me using them and that is plenty.
 My friend on youtube, Joelle (http://www.youtube.com/user/gleamogirljoelle), got to help design one of the blogger colors so I just had to check it out in person! Plus the circus collection finally came back in stock and I had been waiting for a couple for the colors. So let's get to the pictures! There are a lot of them, so please excuse the cluttered appearance. Swatch swatch swatch! (Please note these are swatched first wet then dry)

If you would like to have me review any of these colors more in depth I would sure love to. :)

First from the Blogger Collection is Sparkler

 Sparkler is a rosy pink with silver sparkles. Might shine a bit of orange undertone depending on the light. This color was named and inspired bythatgirlshaexoThis shadow is NOT vegan. -Glamourdolleyes
This is a pretty shimmer yet simple. I love that it is red, yet it can become a neutral so easily. Goes great with browns!
 Soul Sisters is a light tan with purple and blue sparkle. This color was named and inspired by gleamogirljoelle and rusticcomfortThis shadow is NOT vegan. -Glamourdolleyes
The sparkles in this remind me of irridesant glitter. I love them! The base color is soft and perfect for an all over the lid color.
 Going Green is bright yellow, almost chartreuse with green sparkles and a slight green duochrome. This color was named and inspired bycosmeticcouturier. -Glamourdolleyes
If you need a chartreuse color, here it is! WOW is this bright! Such a great color to line your uppper lash line and add a pop of flash!
 Mackinac (pronounced mak-in-aw) is mint sea foam green with red sparkle. This color was named and inspired by jess FACE90.  -Glamourdolleyes
This is by far my favorite I ordered. I LOVE to wear it in my inner corner. Such a surprising color. Reminds me of pistachio pudding.

Now for the circus collection colors I bought!
 Oddity is a very unique blend of shimmer and matte. This is a lime green but almost looks duochrome as well! This color was named and inspired by myeyeshadowisodd. -Glamoourdolleyes
I had been wating to get this color. It is like a monster green. When you see it you will understand why I say that. It is very unnique, you will not find something else like like in your collection.

Big Top - mimicking canvas tents, this medium toned yellow with red shimmer ties together the traditional colors of the circus all in one. -Glamourdolleyes
I love warm tones and the idea of red glitter in yellow was perfect for me. I wish there would have been more red to this color, but the yellow base is fantastic.

 Finally the regular collection colors.

Electric Lemonade* is a vivid yellow with medium sheen. -Glamourdolleyes
JUst a bright yellow.That is about all I can say. I prefer this one wet because when it is dry I hardly get any color which you can see in the swatch.

 FrankenGlamour is an almost lime green with gold undertone. This color offers more of a sheen than shimmer. This color was part of the 2010 Halloween Set 1. -Glamourdolleyes
Golden green! I love this! Once again I wear this in my inner corner and I have gotten so many people saying "ooo I like that!". Very beautiful. I suggest this one!